The Dangers Of Rayne Rand

My name is Rayne Rand. I was dubbed the most dangerous agent on Earth, and can kill anyone almost instantly. Except THEM. Yeah, they have a name, but that would ruin my story! Those five were very, very, very dangerous, and could kill people. But that is what I'm trying to avoid, being killed, and them killing anyone. I had to wipe them out. I knew it would have made me a mass murderer and the police would come after me, probably killing me, but this was more important at the time. Well, it would have been if I'd succeeded. But I didn't, and I'm stuck here. The only reason I'm alive and I've already failed is because,

they caught me.


1. Missions From Hell

Rayne's POV

It was a normal day when it happened. When I got the mission that would either end my life or change it. I was typing away on my laptop, writing a report for my Algebra class, when I got a text message from my boss, Lucas. Lucas was a 14 year old who had just taken over his dad's business(That's what he said, anyway.) and he used to like me. A lot, like he stalked me everyday and helped with everything. It was cute, he was cute.

(Rayne:Me Him:L)

L: You've got a mission.

Me: Really?!?!?!?!??

L: Yup.

Me: Oh my gosh, Lucas, thank you SO MUCH! What is it?

L: You're targets are five teenage boys. They should be about five years older than you at least, nine at most.

Me: Alright, send the files.

L: Sent.

When I looked at the files he'd sent me, I froze. They were all strong built, and all looked at least twenty. I rolled my eyes when I saw who they were, but I knew I couldn't object or decline my mission, so I put my laptop away and stood, gathering my clothes. I had black leggings, a black sweater, black tennis shoes, and a black cap that covered all of my hair. I added black socks, black gloves, and a black belt, that I then put my weapons in. I slid in my dagger, pocket knife, some rope, a few blindfolds and gags, and then put my arrows in the thing, slid my sword into my sheath, and then grabbed my retractable bow. I shrunk it and put it in my pocket, and then slid my phone next to it. I know I am very armed, but these five were infamous in our part of the world.

When I walked out the door, I jumped onto my black motorcycle(So what if I'm riding one at 12? I have a licence, I made a fake ID that says I'm 18. Hahaha, sucker police, they'll never know.) and rode down the street, already knowing this was a mission from hell. 

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