The Dangers Of Rayne Rand

My name is Rayne Rand. I was dubbed the most dangerous agent on Earth, and can kill anyone almost instantly. Except THEM. Yeah, they have a name, but that would ruin my story! Those five were very, very, very dangerous, and could kill people. But that is what I'm trying to avoid, being killed, and them killing anyone. I had to wipe them out. I knew it would have made me a mass murderer and the police would come after me, probably killing me, but this was more important at the time. Well, it would have been if I'd succeeded. But I didn't, and I'm stuck here. The only reason I'm alive and I've already failed is because,

they caught me.


3. Evil Men, A Special Girl, and A Bit Of Magic

Rayne's POV

After a while, I decided these boys were evil. I knew why they were dangerous, terrifying people. If you angered them, it seemed like they were suddenly going to kill you, and if you made one upset... Let's not go into how the others would react. And I was terrified, scared, and in danger, all at the same time. Fun. So I did what I always did when I was scared. I made things in the air with an element. But I couldn't use anything but water and air right now, or they'd go nuts. Lifting my hand, I made a signal towards their kitchen, and I heard the sink turn on and I knew the water was floating towards me. I started to play around with it when it had stopped in front of me, and then I froze the air around it, turning it to ice. I made the shape turn around in the air, and smiled when I saw I had made an ice dragon. If I wanted, I could use fire and earth to make it alive, but I decided the boys would probably murder me.

I set it down on the wooden table in front of me and jerked my head to the door, hearing footsteps. But these were lighter that the boy's, and they sounded like..... high heels? The door flung open and she walked in, but she froze as she saw me. She eyes the dragon, and then me, and a smile spread across her face. "A witch, huh? Gosh, you're just a little girl." She said in awe, locking the door and putting some items in front of it. If I could see them properly, I would know who and what they kept out, but they were too far away. The girl ran to me excitedly and looked me over, taking out my sword and cutting the ropes. I jumped up and hugged her for letting me go, then took a step back. "Can I ask some questions?" I asked. She nodded.

"Who are you? And why did you let me go? And what's your favorite animal?" She gave me a strange look for the last one, but answered truthfully. "I'm Eleanor Calder, Louis' girlfriend. I let you go because I knew that they'd done something to you, and I like kittens, I guess. Why?" I just smiled and made more water come to me, and shaped it, then froze it and remade it carefully with the special life formula, adding water and heating it, and of course earth so it wasn't just hot water. And- poof! A small grey and brown kitten appeared in my hands in place of the formula, and it jumped around, meowing. I handed it to her and she cooed at it, hugging it lightly. It licked her cheek.

"It's so cute! But I have no-where to put it, or anything to care for it with." She said. I smiled and snapped my fingers, saying, "A while after you get back to where you're living now, a box will arrive, already payed for. And I can take care of the space problem." I snapped my fingers again, "There should be another floor to your house, with rooms and furniture already inside." 

"Oh, thank you so much!" She cried, hugging me. I smiled and hugged back, telling her, "I had to repay you for pretty much saving my life and letting me go." She let go and backed up, saying, "Why were you here anyway? And who the hell tied you up?" She looked angry now, and I replied, "I was supposed to kill those five, but I can't anymore, as they've caught me and if I stay when they come back, they'll kill me. And uh, I don't know his name. Brown hair, brown eyes, tall, kinda loud, he seems like the most responsible, if I'm honest. Really serious too." "That's Liam. Oh, he is so dead." "Can I help you bite him out, I mean seriously, he put a gun to my back." She smiled. "Sure."


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