Simple Things

Alise is feisty. She's confident, sexy, and the least bit nice. But she seems to have a soft spot for two men that she stumbles upon at a bar. Edward Smith (Harry Styles) And Jacob Latern (Niall Horan). Especially Edward....

There's something about Edward though, something she can't quite put her finger on. And now, she's determined to figure it out. No matter what it takes.


2. Who says you didn't seduce me?

I woke up to the sun blinding me, and my head singing a reminder of all the drinking I did last night. Most importantly though, I didn't wake up in my own bed. I lay on my stomach taking in my surroundings. Not feeling anyone beside me, I tossed onto my back to get a full view of where I was. I was in a loft, and I could see him from where I was laying. Edward Smith was in the kitchen, cooking what I smelt was bacon and eggs. My stomach turned, and I was guessing it was the wine threatening to make a reappearance. I wasn't hungry. Sitting up in one swift movement, I wrapped the bed sheet around my bare naked body and stood up. Walking tiredly and confused over to Edward, I jumped back realizing he too, was naked. His back turned to me, I took him in. His back was perfectly sculpted, all the way down to his plump bum, which I was tempted to reach out and grab, but I didn't. "Like what you see?" Edward turnt to me casually, placing the bacon and eggs one on plate, his manhood staring at me. Covering my eyes with one hand, he gave the familiar cackle. "Nothing you haven't seen before'. His voice was tired and groggy. God, so sexy. Not uncovering my eyes, I spoke quietly keeping the sheet wrapped tightly around me. ", I..ehm, what..what happened last night?" He sighed, and I peeked from my shield of fingers to watch him walk over to the bed, pulling on a pair of boxers. I uncovered my eyes. "Well, you're naked with a sheet around you. I'm just now in my boxers." He shrugged his shoulders sarcastically. "I don't know what happened". That angered me. I curled my toes on the hardwood floor. "Did we have sex last night"? Grinning, his all too cute dimples showing, he nodded. "Ding ding, we have a winner". My eyes widened. "That's all you have to say"? He put his hands on his hips. "What else would you like me to say, dear? That it was good? Because it was. Fantastic, actually". I groaned in frustration, and his grin only grew. "Ya know, fuck man. I knew I shouldn't have let you buy me a drink. Bet you got me so drunk to the point you didn't even have to speak to seduce me, aye?" Edwards face fell a bit, like he was almost offended. "Who says YOU didn't seduce ME?" Walking past me back towards the plate of eggs and bacon, he left me in thought. I followed him, sitting myself in one of the chairs that was set at the kitchen bench. Sliding the plate over to me, he sat across from me. "Thanks". Was all I said, and I began to eat with one hand while I held the sheet up with the other. Edward nodded, watching me, almost searching me then stood up, walking past me and before I knew it he was behind me, his lips close to my ear. Feeling me jump, he sighed again. "Relax. Here". He took the fork I was finishing eating with and set it back on the plate, then moved my hands to my sides, removing the sheet from my body. I felt obliged to stop him, but I didn't. He ran his hands slowly up both my arms, and the goosebumps I received were uncontrollable. Even though I was sitting there naked, this moment felt right. My mind screamed at me. Of course I knew how crazy I sounded. I've known this man for what, twenty four hours? But, the way he touched me now...made me feel as though I've known him forever. His hands stopped at where the ends of my hair rested, and he moved the hair away from my neck with one hand. Leaning in a bit from behind me, I felt his chest press into my back as he placed a wet kiss on my neck only once. "You're beautiful, Alise". Turning in the chair, which was swivel, I stared up at him. His green eyes stared right back into my blue ones, and for a moment I thought I might faint. "Thanks". I whispered. For once, I felt vulnerable. Not like I had been taken advantage of, but vulnerable. I'd not felt that way in a while, frankly from what I'd been through I didn't allow myself to give into men. But Edward, Edward had a huge effect on me. And though I didn't remember anything from last night, I had an idea that it went a little like this. Leaning up, I pressed our lips together, and a bolt of electricity shot down my spine. He immediately kissed me back, one of his hands trailing down my back to rest on the small of my back, pushing me up a little so my boobs pressed against his chest. My own hands traveled up and rested on the back of his neck as I deepened the kiss, biting down on Edwards bottom lip which earned me a small groan in pleasure from him. I smirked against his lips and felt his soft tongue press against my lips, to which I granted him entrance and parted. Our tongues fought for dominance and he kept a firm grip on me, his fingertips digging lightly into my back as his tongue won the battle. Saying I was turned on was an understatement. Surprised as he lifted me up, our kiss never once broke until I felt my back laid where it had been a while ago in the bed. He hovered over me, his eyes searching my face as I ran my hands down his perfect chest. His body shook a little, and I smiled in response. "What you smilin at?" His voice was dark, and I smiled again. "You're nervous". Licking his lips, we made eye contact again, and he laughed under his breath. "You caught me". "Guess you're not too clever after all, Edward Smith". He swooped down, kissing me again. 

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