Simple Things

Alise is feisty. She's confident, sexy, and the least bit nice. But she seems to have a soft spot for two men that she stumbles upon at a bar. Edward Smith (Harry Styles) And Jacob Latern (Niall Horan). Especially Edward....

There's something about Edward though, something she can't quite put her finger on. And now, she's determined to figure it out. No matter what it takes.


3. It's his way, Alise.

*A month later*

"It's like I meant nothing to him, you know?" I slammed the last of my paperwork down on my desk, swinging my bag over my shoulder. "Al, you were both drunk...I mean, what do you know about him? Besides his name?" My best friend, Carla; gave me the usual questioning look. "Well..." She arched her eyebrows. "Exactly". I shook my head, furiously heading toward the exit of the towns local news station, which was also my work. Carla followed quickly behind me, catching up with my pace as we greeted the blistering cold that was London. "Listen". I snapped, keeping my eyes glued ahead as we walked. "You don't understand. I don't fucking care how crazy I sound with this", Rambling now, I continued. "It's like...we connected. It's like...he was addicting". Nodding to myself in agreement, Carla groaned. "Babe, listen to me. There are plenty more fish in the sea". I rolled my eyes, and she kissed my cheek as we arrived outside of her flat. "I'll see you tomorrow. Love you". "Love you too, Carla". I waited until she was inside to begin walking again, and almost became lost in my own thoughts. That was never a good thing for me. Edward hadn't called or text me since the night we spent together. Pushing the thought to the back of my mind, I refused to believe that I was just a one night stand. Though it was seeming to become more and more obvious. Many emotions kept eating at me, which wasn't me. I never fucking cared about a lad, but I did care about Edward - and that wasn't like me either. Suddenly, I was being pulled out of my thoughts by a familiar Irish accent calling out my name. "Alise Tips! My, has it been awhile!" Looking up, I squinted at him half in anger, half because it was so bloody cold. "Jacob Lantern". I responded, my eyes moving to the girl that had her arm linked in his. "Oh, how rude of me. Hailey, this is Alise. Alise, this is Hailey". Hailey smiled at me, and I became quite tuned to all of my flaws. "Hi love. Ace to meet you". I nodded. "Likewise, Hailey". Jacob stuffed his free hand in his pocket, his blue eyes curious. "So, Alise. How've you been?" The three of us stood there awkwardly, and I thought I might explode. "Hm, how am I doing? Why don't you ask Edward?" Clasping my hands together, my ears gathered my voice rising a bit. "Wait. You can't! Because he's gone ghost!" Jacob looked a bit surprised, and Hailey looked confused. Everything was silent for a moment until Jacob broke it. "It's his way, Alise". Hailey gasped, punching Jacob in the arm. "Jake!" Folding my arms across my chest, I was pretty sure I had heaters in my cheeks. "His way is fucking me and then ignoring me for a month?" A frown took over Jacobs features, and I scoffed. Giving Hailey an apologetic look, my feet pushed me past the two of them and I ran. I ran all the way home.


Once I was inside my flat, I didn't even bother turning the lights on. I peeled my clothes off of my body, tossing them in the hamper which left me in only my bra and panties. Finally flicking the lights on, my body jumped back against the front door as I saw the one and only Edward Smith, sat casually on my couch, his curls pulled back by a snapback. He smirked at the sight of me, though his voice was timid. "Seems like you can never keep your clothes on around me, huh?" Scurrying over to my closet, I pulled on a fresh pair of pyjamas. "Go fuck yourself". Edward pursed his lips, standing from the couch. "What?" By now I felt like crying. "You've ignored me for a month. After that..night". Pulling myself away from that for a second, I threw my hands in the air. "Wait. Pardon me, but how the fuck did you get in here?" Although a good distance from each other, he looked sad. "The uh, window". Watching me for a good moment, he continued. "Jacob told me he saw you today". He looked down, and I almost gave into him. Again. "He like your personal messenger or something?" Edward bit his lip, and my anger finally let go. Tears running from my eyes, I gestured towards the door. "Just get out". He walked over to me, close enough that we were only two feet apart. "Please don't make me leave. Let me explain". I sighed, blinking the waterfalls away. "I can't even stand to hear your voice right now". Nodding, he sat back down on the couch. Hesitantly, I joined him. "Just listen". His green orbs stared down at my carpeted floor, and he began to speak again. "The thing with me is...I'm closed. I have trouble opening. Being open." I kept my eyes on him, and pulled my tired legs up to cross onto the couch cushion. "I screw girls, then throw them away to hide the fact that I'm alone. Alone and scared." He scoffed under his breath. "You scare me, Alise. You do. That the bar when I first saw you, I saw nothing else". I was flattered, but stayed quiet. "You're beautiful. So beautiful to the point it confuses me, if that makes any sense". Pausing, he pulled his eyebrows together the way he does, as if thinking of what to say next. "I am sorry. For ignoring you. It's all I know". Licking my lips, I spoke quietly. "It isn't...fair". Edwards body tensed. "I know. Knowing me isn't fair either". That confused me. "I'm dangerous, Alise". I sighed angrily. "Please, Edward...don't say that. Give me an explanation. For fucks sake, give me something. I know nothing about you. Why, why are you dangerous? Why isn't it fair to know you?" His jaw clenched and his head snapped up to look at me. "I can' can't know. It's too hard to explain." My mind was racing. "Please". My voice cracked and Edwards face softened. "At least...tell me about you". He nodded, shifting his body to fully face me, crossing his legs up as well. "I'm nineteen. Was born here, in London. My mum died during childbirth, and my dad was abusive. Left me at seventeen. I don't like to use it as an excuse but I guess..that's what causes my "player ways", as Jacob quotes. The scared little boy who craves his dead mums attention, but gets it from whores and their one night stands instead". Clearly offended, Edward continued quickly. "I don't mean you. In any way". I nodded slowly. "See, I have a bad past. I'm a bad person. I do things, with no remorse. I'm just..." My voice was a whisper now. "Just what?" "Confused". Letting everything else go, I took his hand. "Edward...I wish I could see into your mind. You're giving me...mixed answers here". We caught each others eyes, and he slowly laced our fingers together, giving my hand a small squeeze. "I wish you could too. Would be better than talking". Earning a small laugh from both of us, he became serious again. "I like you. I do. Which is why I ignored you. I kind of hoped you'd forget about me". Not breaking our eye contact, I shook my head. "That has seemed to prove quite impossible. You're kind of addicting". My words caused a small smile to twitch at the ends of his lips, and he whispered. "You don't know how bad I wish I wasn't". Knowing I wasn't going to get a direct explanation to that or anything else he's said tonight, I scooted a bit closer to him. "Edward, are you happy?" Staring directly into my eyes, he spoke with something of fear in his voice. "Happiness is a violent roar. It damn near destroys you".

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