Simple Things

Alise is feisty. She's confident, sexy, and the least bit nice. But she seems to have a soft spot for two men that she stumbles upon at a bar. Edward Smith (Harry Styles) And Jacob Latern (Niall Horan). Especially Edward....

There's something about Edward though, something she can't quite put her finger on. And now, she's determined to figure it out. No matter what it takes.


4. I'm smiling because I woke up next to you.

My eyes opened slowly, taking a minute to adjust to the sunlight peering through my open window. Familiar fingers grazed up and down my arm, and I turned my head to face a smiling Edward. "Why are you smiling so early in the morning?" It came out more blunt than I would have liked it to, but it was only because I was tired. Edward continued smiling. "I'm smiling because I woke up next to you". His fingers moved from my arm to gently run across my bottom lip, and I sat up quickly earning an unsatisfied groan from Edward. "I have to go to work". Quickly getting dressed I stopped to look at him as I pulled my hair up. "Like I said last night, no strings attached". He lay on his back, shirtless, his big arms resting behind his head. "I know. Mind if I stay here whilst you're at work? I must say, your bed is quite comfy". I giggled, which caused his smile to grow. "Go ahead, I'll see you later". Heading toward the door, he sighed before calling my name. "Alise?" I stopped under the door frame, my hand on the knob. "Yes love?" "You look beautiful today".


*A few hours into work*

I was sitting at the computer, my mind paying attention to my work while also thinking of the lad that was patiently waiting for me to get home. Just then, my boss walked up to my desk, holding a stack of papers to her chest. "I have a special job for you". I raised my eyebrows, and she set the papers down in front of me. "A cold case, from 1867". Almost choking on my own spit, I narrowed my eyes up at her. "From THAT long ago? You've gotta be-" She cut me off, pointing to the papers. "Just have a look will you? I think you'd be the best person for this. The detectives say they need our help with it. It happened here in London, but the news never covered it. Quite the interesting case, which is why I guess they've brought it back up". I nodded slightly, flipping through the papers. "What exactly happened that's made this case stay alive for so long?" A light smirk dancing at her lips, she elaborated. "A lad, was murdered by his father. Only seventeen. They say he was abused...and even killed once before by his father, but then suddenly people saw him walking around town again". I laughed, and she sighed. "Please take it seriously. Let me know what you find". She strutted away, and I looked back toward the papers. Reading them silently, I became more and more confused. Edward Smith, and Edward Smith JR were the main characters in the case. Maybe they were my Edward Smiths ancestors? Wanting to call him but deciding against it, I resulted to my laptop to learn more about the case. After spending what I felt like was hours on Google and Wikipedia, I so much gave up. Carla walked up to my desk, yawning loudly and searched my desk to see what I was doing. "Al, it's after ten. Why don't you give the case a rest for the night?" Looking up at her, I held up the stack of papers. "It's been resting for too long. Besides, I think this case may have to do with Edwards family. Edward Smith and Edward Smith JR?" She nodded in understanding, then sighed. "Well, I'm almost falling asleep standing here..." I laughed. "Go home Car. Call me to say you got home safe." She nodded again, blowing me a kiss and almost running out of the news stations exit. 


*Three hours later*

Still sitting at my desk, my eyes glued open to the computer screen, I scribbled more notes down onto paper. It was now one in the morning, and I thought I might pass out - but I had to get to the bottom of this case. It was far too interesting not to. No matter how hard I looked, it was almost impossible to find a picture of any of the Smiths from the 1800's time period. Even though they were all dead, there should have been some kind of media reference right? Sighing heavily, I unlocked my phone to a text from Edward. It read: 'Hey, "friend". It's very late, just checking in xxx'. I smiled, sending a quick text back: 'Thanks for checking in, "friend". I'm fine, might be a little later though. Go to sleep. xxx'  Turning my attention back to the computer screen, I closed out all tabs. Google gave up for the night. I picked up the stack of papers, almost gripping them as my tired eyes scanned them for what felt like the hundredth time tonight. Suddenly my breath caught as I scanned a paper that I hadn't seen before. Quickly, I had to remember how to breathe. The paper was home to a picture of Edward, my Edward. It was impossible, yet I was staring right at it. Under the picture was a short article describing this Edward lad and his life. Biting my bottom lip, I refused to accept the reality. The article was far too similar to what my Edward had told me just the night before. Deciding it was my brain messing with me because I was deprived of sleep, I closed everything down but set the picture in my pocket. 

Once I was home, I flicked the lights on to see a sleeping Edward on the couch. Smiling wearily at the sight of him, I sat on the floor by the couch, where I was eye level with his face. "Edward, I'm home. Wake up". He groaned, so I ran my fingers through his curls soothingly. He smiled, his eyes still closed. "That feels nice. What time is it?" I glanced up at the clock above the front door for a second. "Two in the morning. Were you waiting up for me?" The smile was obvious just by my voice. Edwards eyes opened slowly. "Yes. Well, tried to". He puckered his lips, and I pecked them. I watched as he sat up slowly, stretching, then pulled me up off the floor and beside him on the couch. "How was work then?" Pausing, I spoke hesitantly. "Interesting...I investigated a murder case from 1867". Edwards body tensed. More obvious. His voice was quiet, and it cracked. "'d that go?" He tried keeping his voice steady, but it was an obvious failed attempt. "Fine. Found this in the midst of everything". Nonchalantly, I pulled the picture out of my pocket and handed it to him. He examined it for a second, his mouth gaping open slightly. "Alise..." Green orbs looking up at me, I pursed my lips. "Edward". His face was unreadable, and he cleared his throat. "I-I.." Standing up off the couch almost in fear, realizing all of my observations rang true, I shook my head. "No. No more half-arse answers. Tell me. Now". He tossed the picture on the coffee table, and he kept looking at me. "My father. Did, in fact kill me. Twice". I could feel my head repeatedly shaking. "I died in 1867, Alise. My father shot me. But then...I woke up". He fell silent, and I almost yelled. "But that's...Impossible!" Edward stood up too, and I took a step back. He frowned. "But it is possible. I came back to life. Though he shot me once again. When I was nineteen. Hadn't seen him for two years then bam. I came back again, with his blood. He shot me, regretted it, then fed me his blood". I cocked my head to the side slightly, wanting to crawl under my bed in fear. Though I let him continue. "After I came back, I hid for a while. Then I got tired of it. When I came out of hiding, people started to notice me. And of course, I was dead. So how could I be walking the streets? Safe to say nothing changed with my dad meanwhile. He didn't want to get busted, so he brewed up a cover story and left again". Sighing shakily, he looked at me intently to make sure I was listening. "Alise, what do you believe in?" I didn't answer, I just stood there. "Alise...what, do you believe in?" Edward took a few steps toward me, and I took a few steps back to where my back was against the wall. From where I stood I could see his jaw clench. He screamed. "Alise!" Before I could blink, his body was pressed against mine on the wall, his warm breath covering my face. My whole body shook in fear. He realized that, and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "Alise..." He said again, his voice almost a whisper. I gritted my teeth. "What are you?" He was the one not answering now. I spoke again, looking directly into his eyes. "Edward. What. Are. You?" His eyes stared back into mine, and I swear no matter what he was about to say I fell in love with him. "I'm a vampire". 

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