Simple Things

Alise is feisty. She's confident, sexy, and the least bit nice. But she seems to have a soft spot for two men that she stumbles upon at a bar. Edward Smith (Harry Styles) And Jacob Latern (Niall Horan). Especially Edward....

There's something about Edward though, something she can't quite put her finger on. And now, she's determined to figure it out. No matter what it takes.


1. Can I help you?

They were watching me...intently. Almost as if they were trying to figure me out. I hated when people tried to figure me out. Confidently, I took the last sip of my wine, set the glass firmly back on the bar and strutted over to the two men. "Can I help you?" They were amused. My stomach turned. "Why, yes, maybe you can". The curly haired one spoke first. I cleared my throat as he took my hand, his warm lips dabbing it. "I'm Edward. Edward Smith". His lips twitched up into a smirk, as he nodded his head toward the blonde haired one. "And this, is my mate Jacob Lantern". Jacob then took my hand, repeating Edwards actions. My blue eyes watched them for a moment, and I then pressed my lips together. "Pleasure to meet you both. I'm Alise... Alise Tips". It was Jacobs turn now. "Beautiful name". My eyes widened a bit as I realized he didn't have the same English accent Edward and I did, but an Irish one. My reaction made him chuckle. "We were wondering if we could buy you a drink". I rolled my eyes, causing them both to raise their eyebrows almost at the same time. "Two strange men staring at me in this bar, why of course buy me a drink, then who knows, maybe I'll go back to your room with you and shag you both!" Sarcasm was dripping from my lips, and Edward cackled. I grimaced. "Feisty, Miss Tips. I like it". His attention turned to Jacob, who only smirked. I crossed my arms over my chest. "Again, pleasure to meet you both. But if you'll excuse me". I moved swiftly, my shoulder brushing Edwards as I passed and I could feel him watching my every move. Looking out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jacob whisper something in Edwards ear. Neither of them turned, but Jacob spoke loud enough for me to hear. "Who's watching who now?" This caused my heart to race. How'd they know I was watching them? Edward leaned a bit, whispering something back to Jacob then when I turned my body all the way around to face the two lads, only Edward stood before me. "So, how about that drink?" I scoffed. "What the bloody hell was that?" His eyebrows pulled together, and he played with the collar of his button down, which had all too few buttons buttoned. "What was what?" I gritted my teeth. "That. How'd Jacob know I was looking? And where has he gone that quick?" Giving me the amused look again, he grabbed my wrist to pull me back to the bar. I snatched it away. "Playing hard to get..." I licked my lips. "You didn't answer my question". He mimicked. "He's a quick person. Very observant". He spoke quickly, and gestured to the bar with a flick of his curls. I sighed, annoyed, but gave in anyway. Pulling myself up on one of the bar stools, I waited for Edward to do the same before I spoke again. "Can I ask you something?" "Shoot". "Why were you watching me?" The green in his eyes darkened a bit, and he spoke while he ordered us both drinks. 
"You're beautiful". I took a sip of my third glass of wine as it arrived. "If I had a dime for every time I heard that one..." I could almost taste the amusement he was getting out of this whole ordeal. "Cocky, aren't we?" I shook my head, skulling down the glass of wine as Edward watched me, clearly fascinated. "Nope, just clever". He took a slow sip of his wine, almost as if he was testing it for poison. "No one's ever too clever for me, my dear". For the first time all night, I made direct eye contact with Edward Smith. "We'll see about that".

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