~Hey There Delilah~

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are trying to win a girl Delilah they all knew since they were 5 years old. Niall likes Delilah because her personality. Harry likes her because shes an athlete. Liam likes her because she has a good sense of humor. Loui and Zayn try not to get in the way. Harry wants Loui and Zayn to help him win Delilah when Liam and Niall ask the same thing.Who will they help? Most of all... who will Delilah chose?


1. Hey There Delilah


           Niall POV (point of view)

    Hey there delilah whats it like in New York City, i'm a thousand miles away and tonight you look so pretty, yes you do... I hummed that tone to me. It was my favorite song. It was called "Hey There Delilah". I love this song because I have a crush on a really pretty girl named Delilah. It's like war between me, Harry, and Liam. We all like her. We all knew her since we were 5 too! Liam gets weird around her. So pretty much its a war between me and Harry. I can't wait to go back to London on Saturday that's when we all get to see Delilah again! She is pure beauty. She has dark chocolate, brown hair, hazel eyes with a splash of blue. She has a great smile. The best part is her great personality. I am going to win over Delilah. Harry and Liam will be devastated. I would feel terrible. They should get over it one way or another.


        Harry POV

     London. The best person I know is there. The prettiest chic. She is very atletic.  I love girl athletes! She plays soccer and dives. She has a cute side and a very competitive side. I like that about Delilah too. She has a dream that is very rare to get. She wants to be in the olymics for diving and win the gold medal! I will have to impress her on Saturday in soccer. Hopefully Loui wont be around because he is 100 times better then me at soccer. It will be the best 2 weeks in London yet! Then I have to... go back on tour and leave Delilah. :( I love all my fans just as much as I love Delilah. Unless I win her over and she comes with us!!!!

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