All Your Little Things

Isabella has the perfect relationship with Harry Styles. They are crazily inlove with each other.


2. Chapter Two

I opened my eyes and blinked a few times before my eyes adjusted to the light and I saw Isabella curled up in a ball by my


side her hair was framing her face perfectly. I watched her sleep peacefully, her face twitched every few minutes, it always


did when she was dreaming. I realized how lucky I was looking at her. She had a flawless face, her skin was a perfect


shade of olive and her eye lashes were thick and long. Her small, round nose fit her face perfectly. Her pink lips were slightly


parted. They looked so kissable I coulden't help myself, I leaned down and kissed her. Isabella's clear blue eyes opened


slowly. She looked up and smiled at me, then pulled me down for another kiss. She straightened out and pulled me on top


of her. My arms were on either side of her head and I swung one of my leg over her body so my knees were touching both


sides of her wast. I kissed her for a few minutes before pulling back, I kissed her nose a few times before laying back down


on my back. Life with Isabella was good,we had been dating for over eight months and I had temporarily moved in while the


rest of her family had gone on vacation. She choose to stay home because I was off tour and she wanted to spend time with


me. She allowed me to sleep with her at night she sex wasn't an option, not now any way. She was she wanted to wait and I


respected that. "Harry" I heard her call my name and try to pull me closer. I laughed because she wasn't successful in


moving me. "What do you want to do today", she asked ."Wanna just chill, we haven't really had any down time lately", i said,


turning to my side. Satisfied with my answer Isabella sat up and stretched. I jumped up and grabbed her by the wast and


carried her to the kitchen.



  Harry set my on the counter and walked to the frig. I slid back and crossed my legs, then leaned over and turned on the


radio. I picked up his Iphone and scrolled through his messages. I clicked on the messages from Queen Lou, the name I


had put in Harry's phone for Louis. His messages were boring so I opted for Twitter instead. All his mentions were from fan-


crazed girls, I followed a few and stalked a couple others. One girl stuck out to me, she was super pretty and I found myself


comparing me to her. "I wish you wouldn't do that, baby" Harry said, turning the radio down. I hated when she got on my


Twitter. She always took hate torwards me personal or compaire herself to the pretty girls that were throwing themselfs at


me. She was always scared and insacure when looking at the pretty girls. This was usally when she came and got in my lap


to be loved. No matter how many times I told her she was the most beautiful girl in the world she always got a little scared I


would leave her. Since I had meet her on tour she was always scared I would meet someone else when I went on tour.


"Come eat, love" Harry said, lifting me off the counter and taking the phone from my hands. He sat me at the table and I ate


everything he had fixed for me. After I finnished I pulled him outside. It was already early afternoon. Because we spent half


the night watching dumb videos we haden't woken up untill late. We ended up spending the rest of the day blowing bubbles


and taking pictures. Then we ate candy and watched the sun go down.


This was going to be the best tour break I had ever had.

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