All Your Little Things

Isabella has the perfect relationship with Harry Styles. They are crazily inlove with each other.


1. Chapter One

"Stop, i screamed", falling of the bed and dragging Harry down with me. "You're so ticklish, Isabella!" Frowning, I crossed my


arms and leaned up against the bed, still on the floor. Harry climbed back up on the bed and sat on his knees, right above me. I


tried not to smile as his soft lips pressed against my forehead. "No fair, you can't kiss me, that's cheating!" I whispered, but


didn't stop him.


  Harry was so..Innocent, but dangerous at the same time. Curse him for being so adorable. I snaped back into reality when


i felt him tugging at my pony tale. "What do you want!" I snapped, trying to sound annoyed! Harry chuckled and pulled me


back up onto the bed. "Hey babe, I just want to snuggle", his raspy voice whispered into my ear. I smiled and allowed him to


wrap his strong arms around my wast and snuggle his face into my neck. I couldn't help but laugh when he tryed to kiss my


neck. I loved neck kisses, but they tickled so bad I couldn't handle it unless I was in the right mood. and right now all I


wanted to do was get Harry back for almost tickling me to death."I have to pee", I said innocently. Harry smiled and let me


wriggle out of his grip. I walked to my bathroom and shut the door quietly. I stood in the middle of my small bathroom for a


moment before walking to the toilet and flushed it. I tiptoed to the sink and quietly filled up a small paper cup that was sitting


by the sink. I turned off the water, before opening the door to a peaceful Harry laying on his side, back to me. I watched his


back move as his inhaled deeply. I loved just looking at Harry. Sometimes, I would sit and watch him sleep in the middle of


the night by the moon light that came in through my window. Harry moved slightly, I breathed in and tiptoed over to him. I


brushed his curls back, then dumped the water on his face.


  "Ahhhhhh" I screemed as cold water fell onto my face. My eyes snaped open and I saw Isabella smiling, sitting innocently b


eside me. I almost got mad, but she looked so innocent I couldn't possibly get mad at her. "Come here" I said and patted an


slighty damp, empty space beside me. Isabella obayed me and layed down beside me. I untied her pony tail and ran my


hands through her untamed, hair. Her hair had a mind of it's own, today it desided to be a cross of curly and tangled. I


loosed the tangles with my fingers. "You know what I love about you,Harry" " What do you about love me?" I replyed.


"Everything,there are so many little things I love about you. All of them put together make you perfect" Her answer was so


precious. I gave her a lot of little kisses on her lips and forehead. Her eyes closed and I felt her breath out heavily. I moved


my hands from her hair to her wast and pulled her close before I let myself drift off.

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