A New Begining

Cheyenne is a 17 year old girl that was adopted at 7 years of age because her parents had a drinking problem. One day Cheyenne and her friend kate go to the mall to visit the new One direction store and run into someone they never thought they would see. But her when her mom comes back in the picture, everything gets weird.


1. The Sleepover& the mall

Cheyenne's P.O.V.

I woke up at 10:30 this morning, excited because my bestfriend Kate was coming to visit for a week from Peru. She would be staying at her grandmother's considering her dad is a deadbeat and her mom lives with her in Peru. I would be picking her up in Three hours, leaving me time to only shower and do my hair. We will pick out outfits to wear to the mall and do our make up later. I go into the bathroom turning on the water, and getting in the shower. I blowdry my hair and straighten it, while curling the tips.

*three hours later*

I pull in the driveway to Kate's grandmother's flat and honk the horn. Kate comes running out wearing her p.j's with her hair in a messy bun, bag in hand. "I have missed you so much Chey!" she says practically screaming. I pull her in for a hug. " it's been way too long. I decided on going to the mall tonight, so I hope you brought ALOT of spending money." "when do I go anywhere without my creditcard?" We both laugh and ride back to mine.

By the time we got back it was already 2:45. Just enough time to pick out our outfits and do our makeup. I chose my pink see through tanktop with my black bando, and a pair of short. Kate was wearing a light blue flowy tanktop, and black skinny jeans. We went downstairs to make a quick snack, and headed off to the mall.

"OH MY GOD! Kate please come in with me?!" I was just dying to go in the new One Direction store, but Kate hates them. "fine, but only for 5 minutes!" she said strictly. "OK MOM!" I yelled back. I ran in the store and started filling mine and Kate's arms with loads of One Direction pillows, books, dolls, etc. My arms were stacked with so much, that when I went to go pay for the stuff, I bumped into someone, knocking everything out of my hands.

" I'm... " I looked up shocked. I was trying so hard not to fangirl. " Liam Payne." "Well thats odd. I could of sworn that was me?"Liam said looking down at me. I was looking at one of the hottest guys on the face of the earth, and all I could say was his name? I'm such a dork. "No, I'm Cheyenne,hah. I'm really sorry. I should watch where I'm going next time." I rammbled. "It's ok love. would you like some help carrying these out?" "erm,sure" I smiled large, causing Liam to laugh.

"CHEYENNE. WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Kate screamed at me. Thats when she saw me and Liam, and just stared confused. "I think I'm starting to see things..." she said. "Kate this is Liam, Liam this is my best friend Kate," I introduced them. "wanna come with us to starbucks?" I asked. He just nodded and we left the store. We walked into starbucks talking and laughing. As we were about to leave, Liam started to say something. "Chey, can I have your number? I would love to hangout with you again and maybe introduce you to the boys." I instantly ran up to him and gave him my number, then gave him a quick hug. Kate tugged on my arm letting me know she was ready to leave. "Oh and Liam! Thanks for the new nickname!" and with that we walked out.


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