A New Begining

Cheyenne is a 17 year old girl that was adopted at 7 years of age because her parents had a drinking problem. One day Cheyenne and her friend kate go to the mall to visit the new One direction store and run into someone they never thought they would see. But her when her mom comes back in the picture, everything gets weird.


2. The next day

Kate jumped on me the next morning screaming at the top of her lungs. I couldnt understand a word she was saying, so I punched her in the thigh and she came crashing down on me. " now let's use our inside voices. What's going on?" I asked. "you. Liam. number. text. oh my god. just check your phone!!!!" she managed to breath out. I got up and went to where I placed my phone last night. 1 new text.

From: Liam

Goodmorning beautiful. I told the guys about you and your friend. They want to meet you both. Can you meet us at Louis' flat?

To: Liam

Sure :) I will text you when were ready to get the address.

"Kate, get ready! we're going to meet the rest of One Direction!!" I half screamed. I ran to the bathroom to wash my face, do my hair, and do my makeup. After I got changed, I ran back in my room to find Kate laying face first with her butt in the air. I crept up to her and smacked her. "WHAT?!?! I DONT WANNA GOOOOO!!!" she whined. " but they asked for both of us, so you HAVE to go." after I threatened to smack her about five more times, she finally gave in.

Kate was gonna drive so I could get the address from Liam. Turns out that Louis never really lived that far from me. We drove for about 7 minutes and were standing outside the front door of Louis' flat. I knocked on the door and heard running comming from inside. The door swung open revieling an out of breath Liam and Harry. They welcomed us in, showing us around. Kate's mouth formed the perfect "O" shape when she saw Niall sitting there playing games on the t.v. She ran up to him and asked if she could play too, leaving me with Liam and Harry. Liam asked me if I wanted something to eat so I nodded and he left for the kitchen.

Me and Harry went back into the living room and I ran to sit on the couch. Harry came and sat next to me, putting his arm around me. "So how are you doing, sexy?" he asked me. "I'm great now that I got to meet you! I just love your curls!" I said excitedly. Louis ran up to me and harry talking really fast, so I couldn't understand a word he was saying. "LOU! SLOW IT DOWN!" Harry screamed. "Geeze, Hazza, I'm right here, no need to scream." "ok, now what was that you were saying boo bear?" Harry questioned. "I said... Look at you two all cudly and cute. Harry you just met the girl!!" Louis answered, obviously noticing the confused look on my face. Harry turned to me blushing.

He took Lou into the other room and Liam came back with my food. "MMMM, PASTA!" I yelled causing the three boys and Kate to laugh at me. I looked over to the door where Harry and Louis were now standing, Harry still blushing. He came back to sit next to me, this time his hands to himself. "What was that about?" I whispered into his ear. "It was nothing. Louis is just jealous a beatiful girl like you is taking his Hazza away." He whispered back causing me to blush and smile from ear to ear.

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