A New Begining

Cheyenne is a 17 year old girl that was adopted at 7 years of age because her parents had a drinking problem. One day Cheyenne and her friend kate go to the mall to visit the new One direction store and run into someone they never thought they would see. But her when her mom comes back in the picture, everything gets weird.


3. Cheyenne and Harry

I woke up on someone's lap. Who am I laying on? I looked up to see Harry looking down at me. "You're finally up!" he sounded happy. "yea. where is everyone?" I asked in a sleepy voice. He said that Kate left and the boys were sleeping in Louis' room, but he didnt want to wake me up, so he layed there on the couch with me. "Harry, your so sweet" I said in response. "So I've been told. How would you like to go out some time? lets say tomorrow? around 7." He asked a little quieter. I nodded to answer his question and he just smiled.

*The next day*


"omg. is it true you and harry are going on a date tonight?"

"Kinda. Why?"

"Oh. just wondering."

"Wanna come over and help me get ready?"


Kate was over within the next 20 minutes and was throwing clothes she brought over all around my room. She curled my hair and made me put on a tight, short, black dress with some black velvet like heels. I felt like a tramp. But Im glad I did this because I looked hot!

It was 6:58. Two minutes from what was going to be the best day of my life. 7:00. I heard the doorbell ring, and rushed downstairs to see Kate greeting Harry at the door. "Well, I thought this was my date Katherine!" "It is, I was just doing an inspection, making sure it wasnt your crazy mother since she has been calling you non-stop for the past 6 weeks." a look of dissapointment filled my face. I didnt want Harry to know I was adopted, or that my birth parents are total alcoholics. Kate could tell I was upset so she just yelled sorry as she went back up to my room.

"Are you sure your ok?" "I'm fine Harry. trust me." We arrived at this fancy restaurant, and to be honest, I was shocked that Harry could pull something this sweet off. He brought me in holding me by the waist and told the man we had reservations under "Styles". we were lead to a table with no others around it."Well,well styles. didnt think you would do this for someone you literally just met." I teased. "It's all part of my well thought out plan to have one of the worlds most beautiful girls be with me." he replied causing me to blush. We finished up our dinners and he drove me home. He walked me up the steps to my flat and pecked me on the cheek with a simple "good night." and with that. he was gone.

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