The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


12. Welcome home

I wake up the next morning and walk downstairs and suddenly remember me and Louis' fight as soon as my gaze meets his. I stop not knowing what to say but before i could even say anything he welcomed me with a hug "Goodmorning love!"he chirped as he set a plate in front of me. "Aw that's cute"i said before looking back up to him. It was a toast with chocolate chips as eyes and nose and banana slices on the two top corners making the toast resemble a bear. He smiled down at me "Does this mean we're cool?"i asked, he nodded. I was wondering why he had suddenly changed his emotions towards what i'd done. But I decided it'd be best not to complain. I quickly ate and waved to the boys in the living room. "I'm going to get changed"i said before making my way up to my room and settling for high waisted shorts and a fashion crop. I slipped on my heels, i was just going to hang around but I didn't care. I absolutely loved heels. I checked myself out in the mirror to make sure I looked alright. "uuugh"i groaned as I saw my hair. It was a complete mess. I just sighed and slipped on a red beanie. I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. "Going to Starbucks!"i called out as i turned the knob on the front door. "Care if i join?"i heard someone speak up. I turned on my heels to face them. Louis. We'll we were friends again we'rent we? "I, uh, sure"i shrugged "Then maybe you can take me shopping"i teased. He chuckle and held the door open for me. I walked out and heard someone unlock their car. I turn and raised an eyebrow at Louis. "We're walking"i stated. "Fans"were all he said. I rolled my eyes. "Oh, sorry i forgot a teen pop sensation was with me" he laughed. "Put on a disguise! I don't know! But i'm walking. Worse comes to worse we call a cab."I finished and shrugged. I heard him groan as he dragged his feet to my side.

//At starbucks//
"Ooooouuh I love this song! Dance with mehhh Loueh!"I teased, we were back to the old times and closer friends than ever. He facepalmed. "I do not know this girl" he told people at the surrounding tables. I shook my head. I started to sing. "I wanna dance, and love, and dance, again." at the top of my lungs earning us weird looks from the people in the coffee shop. I twirled Lou around and i dragged him out. "I don't wanna get kicked out. I love that place"i said before tugging on his hand and starting to dance on the sidewalk. I could see a man on a bench watching me but i just shrugged it off. As we were leaving to the mall, he came up to me and said. "Hello, I'm Jack Peter Williams. I am a the host of a TV dance show. I am currently looking for a female partner for one of my dancers and you seem absolutely perfect."he said. I smiled. "Thank you very much sir, but.."i started, Louis nudged me. "I'll consider the offer for now."i gave him a small smile. "Here's my card"he said handing me a business card "call me before Friday if you're interested."i nodded "Thank you so very much"I gave him a genuine smile and a quick wave before stuffing the card into my wallet. "You're gonna do it right?"Louis chirped. I shrugged. "What's up?" he asked confused. "I just don't want to embarrass myself that's all."I shrug and give him a sad smile. "You're amazing"he said mouth hanging. "The only thing you'd be doing is be intimidating the other contestants"he winked and put an arm around my shoulder pulling me in for a side hug. "I'll think about it" i said. My phone starting ringing.I picked it up. "Hello? Zayn?"I said confused as we walked into the mall. Louis looked at me "Zayn?"he repeated. "Zayn?"i asked again in the phone. "Zayn.... ZAYN! ZAYNYYYY!"i yelled into my phone once i realized what'd just happened. "Hello to you too"he chuckled. "Hey when you guys coming back?"I asked. "We were supposed to come back in two days but due to tropical storms, it's been delayed..."he said sadly. "Aw"i pouted. "It's alright though, we'll see you soon.."I shrugged "I guess so"I agreed. "NIALL NO COME BACK HERE UGH OH MY- NIALL NOOO!" i heard Zayn yell before I was engulfed in a bone crushing hug. "So much for keeping with the plan"Zayn muttered. "GUYS! OH MY GOD!"I said hugging them tightly. Louis hugged them as well. "When did you-"i begun "About two hours ago"Zayn said. "We went to the flat, talked a bit to the lads and they thought you guys might be here..."he finished. "AW! WELL I MISSED YOUUU"I said hugging them ever so tightly once more.

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