The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


16. um 16?

i didnt know what to call the chapter so. 


 **2 weeks later**
"When are you guys going on tour?" i blurted out -itd been on my mind for quite a while now. "Um, four days?"louis suggested, the boys all nodded. I bit my lip, i let out a shaky sigh. "For how long?", "1 year" Niall blurted out. My mouth dropped. 1 year? One WHOLE year? Louis had one whole year to replace me. If he...wanted to, i guess.  "We can uh, skype? And call eachother everyday?"he said. I gave him a sad smile. -silence- "Let's make the most of our time left shall we?"Zayn said. God love him for breaking this awkward silence. "Yes! Leggo!" i said getting up and pulling Louis up as well. "Oh! Before i forget- the dance show, that um, im on. Well -the show is uhm, tomorrow"i said quickly, "if youd like to come.."i finished looking at my shoes. Harry fake gasped. "You think -I, your bestfriend..wouldnt WANT to come?" he put his hand on his heart. "Damn girl, of course were all coming"zayn cut in. Liam gave an agreeing smile. As did Niall and Louis. I bit the inside of my cheek not to smile too much. "Thank youuuu guysss"i blew kisses to them. "Okay so what are we", "I dont know about you guys but im feeling a waterpark.." niall said, "Yes!" we all cheered. "We leave in half an hour -lets get readyyyy!"liam chirped.

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