The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


2. The signing

Today is the day. I'm leaving to meet them. "breathe Vanessa, breathe" I kept telling myself. I was nervous, like intensely. But why? I was just going to meet my brother..right? 
My nervousness was starting to increase, questions were popping into my head such as : What if i don't make it to the signing? What if i don't get to stay back and talk to them? What if he doesn't want me? What if he doesn't likeme. I swallowed roughly at that last thought. No one wanted me, why would he? I pushed away those thoughts when the lady asked me for my boarding pass and my passport, I smiled at her while handing them over. As she gave them back and gestured the way to the plane with her hand, I took them and tucked them into my backpack while I walked the tunnel that led to the plane. I sat down near the window seat as a girl about my age settled down at my side, slowly examining me. Feeling uncomfortable, I looked down at my outfit and pulled at it to try and look busy.

I felt her eyes on me and when they lifted to stare at something else, I lifted mine to see her. She was pretty, though, there was something odd about her that I couldn't put my hands on. 
I was lost in my thoughts till she asked:
-What are you going to do in England? 
-Uh, just, you know, visit. I said, hey i wasn't going to explain to her that I was going to see my brother who was in a famous boy band. How about you? i asked politely.
-I'm going to see One Direction. Great huh? 
-Yeah....great, i mumbled so only i could hear...great. [I hope i don't see her there I pleaded, I didn't want to have to explain]

I mostly slept the entire plane ride because I'd left early to get a good place in line, the plane ride wasn't very long, but long enough for me to stress out enough to wonder if this was a good idea. 
I guess Macy, yeah I forgot to say we'd introduced ourselves....Well her, she woke me up when the plane was landing. 
-Thanks, i mumbled tiredly
-No problem, she grinned.
-Have fun! I said before she got up, took her luggage and left. 
She glanced at me, winked and then left. 

Urg, I pealed myself from the airplane seat before taking my carry-on and leaving, I hadn't packed many things so it all fit in my sport bag; all this not to have to carry around a heavy suitcase. I'd nearly forgotten it was my birthday until i quickly checked twitter and saw i had plenty of birthday wishes from my not so many followers. I smiled and thanked them before tucking my phone into my back pocket. 

TAXI! i shouted repeatedly though I was kinda the shy type so I didn't really bother to chase after them when they'd pass by me. I have got to get myself a car I said mostly to myself before a taxi finally stopped and picked me up. "The One Direction signing" i said before letting myself fall into the seat. I figured he'd know where that was because I certainly didn't. 

The signing was at 3pm and it was about 9am now. I quickly went to starbucks and got myself a double chocolate frappuccino; i don't exacly like coffee but as long as i had this non-cafeine frappuccino, i was good. I stood in line at the signing. I wasn't the first one there, actually there were plenty of fans already waiting impatiently for my brother and his friends to arrive. 

A/N: Vanessa didn't exacly know her parents were her parents until she met them so that's why she hadn't clicked on the fact that Niall and her were siblings, because she didn't know her last name, she'd use her aunts one, who's wasn't "Horan". Also, she was a One Direction fan, so without knowing; a fan of her brother's. (It's not done, keep reading!)

As the line grew bigger and bigger, I stood about in the middle of it; not bad i thought. After a few hours that the boys had arrived and they'd made the line shorten with every fan they'd already met. As it was almost my turn, I decided to plan something to get me to stay back with them. Faint? No security would take me....I know! It has been said that Harry has already taken a fan back to wait for him because he found her beautiful and was hoping to get himself a girl. This might be mean, but I thought i'd might try something like that on him; but explain afterwards so he'd understand. The boys seemed so sweet, I had nothing to worry about. But am i even pretty enough? oh well. 

It was my turn. Oh. My. God. I know i'm talking about my brother's friends here (...and him) but they were absolutely gorgeous in person. Harry was the last one i'd have to meet, perfect. As i made my way to each and everyone of them, getting a picture and an autograph, i finally arrived to Niall. I bit my the inside of my cheek not to blurt everything out, that would be disastrous. 
-What's your name babe? Niall asked winking. 
-Vanessa, i said: nervous.
-Got a last name sweetie? he asked cheekily.
-Uh yeah
-Which is...?

-Don't sweat it hun, he joked.
I rolled my eyes and smiled, he winked and I blushed.

Our moment quickly ended with me being obliged to leave him and make my way slowly to Zayn, and after...Harry. 

-Hi, i said; batting my eyelashes
-Well hello there gorgeous, he said and i giggled.
-Would you mind giving me a kiss on the cheek for a picture? I asked cheekily
-Sure, come here closer babe, he smiled widely.

*Harry's P.O.V.*
Gosh she's beautiful, I can't keep my eyes off her. I think she likes me, yeah so lots of fans like me but i don't happen to like all of them (this way) back. As i kissed her cheek, butterflies fludded my stomach. 
-Would you like to, uh, come here; i said while i took her hand and pulled her in back of me so she could wait till the end of the signing. 
-Of course, she winked. 
I smiled as i lead her to a chair behind a poster near the security guards where she'd be safe from fans.
I saw Zayn smile and shake his head at me while I shrugged and sat back down. 

*Vanessa's P.O.V*
Well that was easy, i sighed. I never thought the Harry Styles would let himself get absorbed with women so easily. I guess he really was a ladie's man. 
I waited patiently. A hand slid onto my shoulder making me jump a little. I hear a light chuckle behind me before turning around to see Harry. 
-I'm sorry, he said, but I don't believe I got your name. he winked.
-Vanessa, i grinned. 
-Vanessa, he repeated
I nodded. 
-So uh, ...
I cut him off by saying:
-Look Harry im sorry if i got your hopes up but I really needed to tell you something. 
-What do you mean? he asked innocently 
-I'm not that kind of girl I said
He scrunched his eye brows in confusion. 
-Im not that easy to get I say
I see him smile and shake his head.
-So what was it that you wanted to tell me? he asked cheekily
-Okay, I hope you believe me becausem frankly, i don't lie. i begun
-Okay, go on he said.
-so here it goes..

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