The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


8. The plan ..

//Next morning//
*Liam's PoV*
"Niall, wake up"I was shaking him, i had to tell him the news. "Lad! Wake up!"i shoved him and he fell off the bed. "Liam! What the hell?"he yelled. "Shhh Nialler, just come into the living room."And I walked away. About ten seconds later, a tired looking Niall came in and sat on the couch, next to Zayn and Harry. I was on the love seat, alone. Louis and Vanessa we're still sleeping. "Alright!"Harry said clapping his hands together. Niall raised an eyebrow. "It's time to get your mind off of her."Zayn stated. "That's why you're going on a vacation!"i continued, his eyes widened. "Where?"he asked confused. "New York."i stated. He nodded quietly. "When do we leave?"he asked. "Oh only am coming with you buddy"Zayn said playfully shoving him.  He rolled his eyes. "Right, when do we leave?", "Two days"i said playing with my hands. He nodded, not saying anything else. He got up and before returning to his room he said a quick thank you. 

An hour later//
*Harry's PoV*
"Vaness! hey!"i patted the seat next to me. She sat next to me and gave me a sad smile. I frowned. "Niall, he told me.."she begun. I nodded. "It's just a small vacation"I teased. "From what?"she asked. My mouth dropped, I couldn't tell her it was a vacation from her, it would sound mean and besides, she didn't have to know. I looked around the room. "A break from, everything basically i guess"I said shrugging. "Okay"she said getting up and leaving the room. "Anyone tell Louis?"I asked. "Nah mate, your his best mate, why don't you?"Zayn teased. I rolled my eyes. I knocked on his door. "Lou?", i heard a grunt on the other side which i decided to take as a welcoming invitation. "You alright?"I asked carefully. He nodded a small smile on the corner of his lips. "You can tell me you know"i said. He nodded, "I know mate, but there's nothing to talk about, she doesn't like me", "Are you sure about that?"i asked, he nodded and his face fell. "She said so."His eyes got misty. "Aw Lou"I said patting his back. "I'm sure you can work something out yeah?"I suggested. He shrugged. "What did you want to tell me?"he asked, changing the subject. "I just wanted to tell you that Niall and Zayn are leaving for a month or two to NYC in two days..."I begun. A small smile spread across his lips. "Is this my chance?"he mumbled. "If you make it so"I chuckled and left the room. 

//Two weeks later//
*Louis' PoV*
She didn't respond to any of my caring actions. She didn't seem to want to be near me. What could i have possibly done? You know what? Screw it. If she doesn't like me, I can't change her mind and i'm not going to waste my time trying to if i wasn't even positive that it'd work. I had to get myself a new girl. A girl completely different from her, it'll draw my attention away from her and to another's. The girl from the supermarket the other day seemed nice, I'll go see
her..we probably need food anyways, so there's an excuse.

//At the supermarket//
"Hey"I said. "Hiya hun"she greeted me. "Jackie..right?"she nodded. "Louis"I said, handing out my hand. "Oh, sweetie, I know, i'd have to live under a rock not to"she teased. I chuckled. "So, i was wondering...have any plans tomorrow night?"i asked. She shook her head. "How about we go to the movies or something?"i suggested. She nodded "Sounds great"she winked. I handed her a piece of paper with my number and walked away sending her a quick wave. "See you then!"she called. [Jackie]

*Louis' PoV*
"I'm going out!"I called. Vanessa was the only one near, therefore, the only one who heard. She looked up at me "kay"she said before going back to her phone, on twitter. "You have twitter?"i asked. She nodded. "huh"i said before turning around and leaving. I decided to mention a tweet to her, just to let her know i didn't want to fight anymore, i could've told her in face, but everytime we talked, it'd end up into a fight.

"@Louis_Tomlinson: A fight hurts on both sides, surrender? @Vee_Horan I miss my little Vee... X"

a few minutes later I got a reply "@Vee_Horan: @Louis_Tomlinson Are you brave?" I raised my eyebrows. What did she mean?

"@Louis_Tomlinson: @Vee_Horan What do you mean? and yes i am very brave ;)", seconds passed and then.."@Vee_Horan: @Louis_Tomlinson Prove it, face2face"

I sighed. "@Louis_Tomlinson: @Vee_Horan i guess that's a no, y'know what'll happen..",

"@Vee_Horan: @Louis_Tomlinson That settles it, i guess it's a no for you." that was cold. I didn't know what to reply, so i replied nothing. Ten minutes later a tweet was sent out, no mention, though i knew I was concerned. "@Vee_Horan:"Don't lose friends over a fight,you'll regret it later...." yeah, sure #sarcasm" I was truly hurt now. I decided to call her. "Vee?", "Heeeyyyyy!"she chirped. "Vee, it's Lou"i knew her smiled dropped on the other side. "Oh, erm, im sorta busy, bye."she said quickly, "NO! Wait! Nessa...", "This isn't face to face"she spat. "I know, I know. But I don't want to fight anymore than we already are. And we both know that that's what's going to happen if we do."

*Vanessa's PoV*
I shook my head, suddenly realizing he couldn't see me i answered "Come home"i said, my voice cracking. "I, I can't.."he begun. "...", "I have a, uh, date."he continued. "Oh."was all I said. "Cool, what's her name?"i swallowed back the tears. "Jackie.."he said. I sighed. "I'll have to meet her one day i guess"i said quickly before hanging up. About ten minutes later, Louis walked into the house, his arms open. I ran into them, tears streaming down my face. "I'm so sorry Lou, i really am"i sobbed. "Me too"he said, stroking my hair. "No more fights yeah?"he smirked, I nodded "yeah.."i whispered into his chest. "What about Jackie?"I asked. "Oh her? I cancelled the date" he shrugged. I smiled. "We'll catch up on it another time"he finished. My smile dropped as i plastered a fake one on. "We're alright now yeah?"I asked. He nodded, "we are"he said kissing my forehead. I smiled. 

//A few days later// [Louis had been hanging out with Jackie, and no more fights with Vanessa]
*Louis' PoV*

"Louis? Would you like to go out with me? I was thinking we'd go dancing" she giggled. She started to play with the bottom of her dress, she'd gotten all dressed up, probably because she'd expected me to say yes.

Louis, you don't like her anymore, you've gotten over her. At least i thought i had. Don't fall back into her arms. "Vee, i dont like you like that anymore. I've moved on." i was struggling to hold back the tears because i had just realized everything i'd just said was a lie.

*Vanessa's PoV*

"I'm sorry" he said, his voice cracking as he pushed passed me. My mouth dropped. A tear rolled down my cheek, i wiped it away and tried to figure out what had happened. I had to go talk to him about this. This couldn't be happening. I selfishly thought Jackie was just a plan to make me jealous. Apparently not. I walked to his room and heard him on the phone. I opened the door just a creak and watched him. "Jackie, could you come over here dear? yeah." he ended the call and turned around and saw me. His eyes widened and before he could speak, i slammed his door and ran into my room, tears streaming down my face.
Our friendship might as well be over too, since i don't think i can bear to see him with her. I heard a knock on my door. "Go away Louis! I don't want to see you." i growled "Go play around with your brat of a girlfriend, or is she just a..."he walked in. "Do you not understand english? Jerk!" i yelled throwing a pillow at him and letting my head fall into my bed as i sobbed. He cleared his throat. "Li...I thought, i thought you were.." i know, it's okay, he chuckled. "Wanna talk about it?" he asked. I shook my head, biting my lip. He rubbed my back in circular motions. "shhhh, its alright" he'd tell me. I moved away from him. He raises his eyebrows. "Liam, i'd just like to be alone right now of that's alright...", "on one condition, don't call me 'Liam' you never call me that and when you do somethings wrong and i don't like anything to be wrong with my little Nessa here." he smirked. I smiled and motioned the door with my head. He nodded and left, carefully shutting the door behind him.  I drifted off into sleep a few minutes later.

//wake up//
It was about 11 at night and i hadn't eaten yet. I'd dreamed that Louis' had admitted Jackie was just a plan to make me jealous, which got me thinking that I could use that plan; to make Louis jealous. Not by dating Jackie though. Ew. Also, I would have to start dressing more...nicely? Well in boys taste i guess...I hadn't eaten supper so I got up and walked into the kitchen. Harry was there, munching on a burrito he'd heated up. "mmmmm. Hazz, heat me one up too please?" i batted my eyelashes. "Of course love" he kissed my forehead and went to make me one. I could've sworn Louis had given Harry a death glare, but it must've been my imagination. Louis and Jackie started making out on the couch. Disgusting. "Could you guys get a room rather than suck on each other's faces right here? Nobody wants to see that." i hissed. Louis rolled his eyes as he picked her up bridal style and brought her to his room, her giggling the whole time. I tenses up as i sat down. Harry shook his head. "She's just a rebound, i thought he was better than that"he muttered. "Yeah. Right." i spat. He handed me my plate and i smiled at him. "Haz, you see me as a bestfriend... No more right?" he nodded "A sister to be exact" he winked. I rolled my eyes. "Me too, and that's what got me thinking...", "Vee" he warned. I ignored him and continued. "could you do me a favor, be my 'fake' boyfriend?" i gave him pleading eyes. "To make Lou jealous..."he continued. I dropped my head. "i suppose so, i mean, he deserves it anyway."my eyes lit up. "Leading you on and dropping you for another." he finished. My smile dropped.

*Harry's PoV*
my mouth dropped. "Oh, Ness, that's not, i mean, i didn't mean to..."it's alright she smiled. Before I knew it' she leaned in and her lips were on mine. I kissed back and put my hands on her hips as hers played with my curls. Just then, Louis walked in, hands clenched into fists; anger. Jackie stormed out and slammed the door. I pulled away from Vanessa and she giggled. I felt her tense up when he noticed Louis watching us. "Could you guys get a room rather than suck on each other's faces right here? Nobody wants to see that." he mimicked her. I glared at him. He rolled his eyes and stormed back into his room. I saw her tear up and i pulled her face towards mine so she'd look at me and i leaned in once again, her soft lips meeting mine.

*Louis' Pov*
I didn't breakup with Jackie, and now I am thankful. I hadn't gotten with Jackie to make Vanessa jealous, or had i? I didn't mean to though. But now I might. If Vanessa wants to play this game, better make it fair. Me and Jackie had just gotten into a fight because she'd caught me glare at Harry when he was sweet to Nessa and then accused me of loving her. I denied it of course but that's because I wasn't exactly sure if it was true. The new challenge would have to be the one who gives up the battle first. I know it should be me since she'd already approached me, but, if she actually liked Harry, i'd feel like an idiot.

//a week later//
*Harry's PoV*
"Hazz, what are you doing?", "What do you mean Liam?" i raised an eyebrow, he shook his head "Don't take advantage of her" he warned. I rolled my eyes "She's my bestfriend, i'd never hurt her". 

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