The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


9. The fight

*Louis' PoV*
"What happened to best mates eh Harry?" i snapped. He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. "Yeah, well best mates don't go and steal the other's girl!", "Jackie? No i never...", "Not Jackie!" i yelled throwing my arms in the air. "Vanessa for God's sake!", "Vanessa?" bloody hell this guy was lost. "Vanessa?"he repeated with a light chuckle. "Lad, she isn't YOUR girl, you have a girlfriend i recall." i scrunched my nose. Jackie wasn't really my girlfriend, I didn't like her. "Well you knew I liked her!" i yelled. "Well you have a god damn bad way of showing it!" he shouted and stormed out of the room. He turned back and faced me once more: "Oh and by the way," he said matter of factly,"She asked me, i didn't ask her." my mouth dropped. "Doesn't mean you had to say yes"i muttered. He rolled his eyes. "Well I did."he snapped before leaving. He went to the living room where Vanessa was. "Vanessa! Can I talk...." i called off but Harry cut me off. "I say we get out of here" he winked at her. She rolled her eyes playfully. "GUYS? Me and Harry are going to the mall!". I rolled my eyes and muttered "nice one Styles" under my breath but she passed by me and heard. She looked up at me, made sure Harry was gone and pushed me into my room and shut the door. "We need to talk."she said. I nodded, i was still mad at what Harry had said and hurt that she'd chosen him, yes i have a girlfriend but she could've told me and o could've chosen. "Great idea" i said sarcastically as i clapped my hand together "You could explain why you've been acting like such a bitch lately and not the Vee i know.", "EXCUSE ME?"she yelled "I take a step for US and you refuse it, because you found someone else. So if you're going to blame all of this on me, i suggest you go and screw around with your little skank because i'm not going to take this from you Louis Tomlinson", "Well if you wouldn't have spend so much time with your brother and forgot about all the rest of us..", "He's my brother!", "You didn't have him for 18 years of your life..."i started but she cut me off. "You don't know my past Tomlinson so i suggest you shut it"she hissed. Her lip started to tremble, i didn't mean to hurt her, "Vee, i..", "Save it"she hiccuped and left .
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