The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


42. Starbucks part 2

I can still turn around and not pick up my drink. I’ll just go somewhere else. Yup that’s what I’m doing. I rolled on my heels and walked the other direction but just when I was about to take a step away:


I stopped breathing.

I turned around slowly. My eyes following where the sound had come from. And there stood the man behind the counter with my drink. Hallelujah.  I smiled and walked up to him. Being so thankful it wasn’t Harry, I just bolted without looking towards the counter.

BAM. I had just hit someone. “Vanessa?” I heard again. But this time it wasn’t the guy at the counter. I lowered my sunglasses down my nose, revealing my eyes. I gave Harry a shy smile.

 “I.. I gotta go..” I stuttered.

He grabbed my arm. “Wait! Can we talk?”

I frowned. “No Harry, I actually have to go…get my drink.” I gestured to the counter annoyed.

He let go. “Oh.” He looked at his feet.

I walked away awkwardly to the counter and finally got my drink, but having lost complete appetite. I stabbed a straw into it and took a sip. Harry was still standing at the exact same place, staring at his shoes. I took a deep breath and made my way towards him.

*Harry’s POV*


My heart was beating fast and tears flooded my eyes. I rushed to my bedroom and slammed the door. I took heavy breaths. I guess I did it to myself after all. Damnit Harry, why do you have to screw everything up? Louis walked in after me.


I glared at him.

“What did you tell her…?” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Why did she come here?”

I wiped away some tears. I couldn’t tell him, she’s the one who broke his heart. He loved her.

I shrugged. “A visit, she said so.”

He rolled his eyes. “And why was she all lovey with me?” He asked wide-eyed.

“I don’t know!” I shouted, shooting my arms in the air.

“Whatever mate, I don’t care anyways.” He acted annoyed.

“Louis come on.”

“What? Do.. do you like her?” He questioned, pale.

“Does it matter?” I spat.

He shook his head in disgust. “I cannot believe you.” He looked at the ceiling, furious, and left.

Moments later Niall stormed into my room.


I cringed at his tone of voice. “I’m sorry.” I muttered.

“You.. you what?” He said as if he couldn’t believe what I’d said. “My sister is humiliated and heartbroken and you’re SORRY?” His eyes burned holes through my head. “Sorry won’t change anything. You know what? Now she’s not going to want to ever see any of you again. And she might talk to me, only if I’m lucky.” He shook his head in disgust as well. He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

“I screwed up biiiggg timeeee.” My mind sing-songed.

/End of flashback/

She walked towards me. I swallowed the ball in my throat and spoke up.

“Hi.” I said nervously.

She rolled her eyes. “What do you want?”

“To talk. Please.”

 She stared at me and then gave me a questioning look. “Actually, there’s some things I” I pointed at myself. “would like to know.”

Suddenly I didn’t feel all that much like talking anymore. “G-Go ahead.”

“Why did you do it?”, “What did it accomplish?”, “Why did you lie?” She said on the edge of tears. “Why would you do that to me?” A tear rolled down her cheek. I reached my hand out to wipe it off. She flinched. I wiped away the tear and when I was about to remove it, she brought her hand on mine, keeping it on her cheek. More tears rolled down. She closed her eyes and kissed my hand. She released her grab. “I haven’t trusted anyone since then.” She said between sobs, trying to catch her breath.

I threw my head back in guilt. I bit my lip. “Vaness… can we talk somewhere more, let’s say, private?” 

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