The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


20. sliiiiide :)

"Come on! Let's go join the guys if we want to go on this ride" i teased. I grabbed her hand and we ran to them. While i ran, i tripped and fell into Zayn's arms. We both laughed. I steadied myself and stood beside him. My back to Lou. The ride was insane. Lou was the only one who made me feel safe though. As we boarded the tube, i took a deep breath and sat next to Louis. I gripped tightly onto his arm. This ignoring him thing had gotten boring. I kissed his shoulder and he smiled. Once we got to the bottom, he picked me up and i locked my legs around his waist. Tamy smiled at us "I have to go!"she called. We waved to her and continued on. "I'm hungry.. I think i'll head back to the table"Zayn said. We nodded and before i knew it Louis quickly led us to the showers with a big grin on his face. I giggled at he set me down and closed the curtains. I playfully rolled my eyes. He pressed me to the wall and crashed his lips to mine. I smiled into the kiss and so did he. He pulled away for a second and just stared into my eyes, i bit my lip. And he starting kissing me again. I had one hand around his neck and the other on his back, pressing him to me more than he already was. He started kissing my jawline, i couldn't help but smile. He came back to my mouth. My back rubbing on the wall had undone my bikini strap. I gasped and held my arm over it keeping it from falling. Louis smiled and leaned in again, i turned my head so he got my cheek. He tries again but i ducked. "What's wrong?"he asked. I rolled my eyes. "My bikini is undone"i said shyly. He chuckled. He obviously wasn't planning on me tying it back so i told him. "Can you tie it for me?" he pouted. "Lou! Were in a public shower!" He smirked. "Now wipe that smile off your face and tie it for me." He chuckled but nodded. He did so and then looked me in the eye. I quickly pecked his lips and ran out of the showers giggling.

***Two hours later***
The park was closing soon so we decided to all just leave. "Why don't we grab take-out on the way home?" Louis suggested. We all shrugged and went to simple Subway.

**Back home**
We all ate, talked and laughed. Harry looked up and suggested "Hey do you guys want to..go clubbing?" i honestly didn't want to go, but all the guys just cheered so, i didn't want to be a party pooper. "Sounds fun doesn't it?"Lou asked pecking my cheek. I gave him a small smile and nodded. "Everyone coming?" Niall asked. I gave him a thumbs up and a fake smile. I didn't feel like going so I wasn't going to get all pretty and stuff -i wasn't in the mood. I was just..tired. I just threw on a long sleeve black dress and some hot red heels. I straightened my hair and did my makeup lightly then was out the door.

Club next chapter :) x

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