The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


44. Simple mistake

*A week later*

Me and Harry were on official dating terms. And he was leaving tomorrow.

“Vanessssss” He singsonged.

“Whaaat” I replied.

“You know you have a month break starting real soonnnn.”

“Yeah annnnd?”

He stared deeply into my eyes. “And you don’t go to actual school so... It wouldn’t mind if you weren’t specifically here” he pointed around the apartment  “for you classes till then..”

I looked at him suspiciously. “Where are you going with this Harry?”

“Come back with me.” He pleaded.

I rolled my eyes. “Harryyy.”

He made his puppy dog eyes and pulled out his bottom lip. I knew if I looked at him I’d give in way too easily, so I looked around at everything but him.

“Look at me.” He pressured.

“No.” I bit my lip.


“Harry, no.” He turned my face towards his and I looked up at the ceiling.

“It’s in like a week, I think you can wait till then, you’re coming back to London anyways.” I assured him, looking back into his eyes.

He grunted. “Fine.”

I smiled.

“As long as you call me everyday.” He warned.

“Whatever you want.” I rolled my eyes.

He grinned. “Good.” He leaned in and kissed my lips.

He checked his watch and sighed. “Got dinner with the fam soon, gotta go.” He smiled awkwardly. “I’ll see you next week.” He kissed me again.

“Bye.” I said sitting crisscrossed on my bed as he got off.

“I love you.” He smiled hopefully, forerver waiting for the day I’d say it back. But the truth was I wasn’t  certain if I loved him or not, I knew I liked him a lot, but the only person I’m sure I’ve ever loved was Louis.

I gave him a small smile and he turned around always with the lightly disappointed look on his face. He walked away and a few seconds later I heard the door shut.

*Harry’s POV*

/3 days later/

Louis has been going strong with his new girlfriend, Lauren. She was the one he was going to see after our soundcheck that day I will for ever regret. I was sitting on the living room playing on my phone. The boys knew me and Vanessa were dating, and… well Liam and Zayn didn’t exactly mind, it was mostly Niall and Louis. They were furious. Niall accused me of using her, Louis tried to warn me that she was trouble, that she wasn’t right for me, anything. What did he care? He has Lauren. Louis finally just went with it, ignoring the fact that we were a couple and Niall has just watched me carefully, making sure I wouldn’t hurt her, again.  

I got up and decided I’d go to my room and call Vanessa. I was so scared to lose her to Louis, even though he was in a relationship, something was off about him when it came to Vaness.

As I walked by his room I decided to listen to them talk to convince myself that there was no way he still liked her. When I only heard moaning sounds I realized that what was going on behind that door wasn’t meant for anyone to hear. So I started walking away.

“Louis” I heard Lauren scream/moan.

I made a disgusted face as I hurried away but I stopped dead in my tracks, backing up to his door when I heard the following:

“I love you so much Vanessa.”

I coughed, unwillingly. Was Vanessa in there, or did he really just screw up? I had to find out. I know it’s inappropriate of me to do this but jealousy took me over. Just as I was about to push the door open I heard Lauren shriek.


“Lauren..I’m sorry it was a mistake.”

“Who the hell is Vanessa?!” She yelled.

“Lauren I’m sorry, get back here in bed.”

“Fuck off Louis.” I heard footsteps get closer and soon, she slammed the door open and ran away covering herself with her clothes messily in her arms. I stood there in shock. Louis had his hands in his hair and fell back onto the bed sighing. He was covered by his duvet so I walked in.

“What… Just happened?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Stupid mistake.” He spat.

“Which was..?”

“Nothing Harry leave me alone.”

“Louis, I heard what happened.” I said sternly.

*Louis POV*

What the bloody hell?

“You were listening at my door to me and Lauren have- what the fuck is wrong with you?!” I spat disgusted.

He backed away. “Woah mate. I wouldn’t do that, that’s messed up.”

I rolled my eyes. What was I supposed to tell him: Oh yeah well we were having sex and I mistakenly told her I loved her but mixed her name up with YOUR girlfriend. Yeah, not happening.

“What do you mean you ‘heard what happened’ then?” I said.

“I heard ‘Vanessa’ and then I was confused to why she would be in your room and here for that matter.”

I motioned for him to go on. “And then I saw Lauren storm out of your room, pissed. And then I played a game of connect the dots[-agram ] (im sorry, I had to)”.  

I rolled my eyes. “Cool, now you can leave.”

“Why did you say my girlfriend’s name?” He urged.

I don’t know, I really didn’t. I shrugged. “Simple mistake.”

“Oh yeah Louis, because ‘Lauren’ and ‘Vanessa’ are so very much alike.” He said sarcastically.

“Whatever Harry, you can go now.”

He glared at me and left. 

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