The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


23. phone call..

~~Back at the flat~~
When me and Louis started dating, I started sleeping in his room. As soon as we walked in -i started for our room, but i figured he could go in his room if he'd like but i wanted to be alone.
I hesitated between Harry's room or Niall's. Harry's was closer to hide quicker -but Niall's was further -maybe my cries would be muffled.
I heard footsteps. I darted for Niall's room and locked the door. I slid down the door as the tears started falling down my cheeks.  "Vanessa!"he knocked on my door. "Love please open". "Go away Lou" i hiccuped. "Did i do anything?" i swallowed hard. "No, i just- i just want to be al-alone"i sniffled. "What's wrong? What if i don't talk? Ill just hold you..what can i do?"he knocked again. "Nothing Lou" i shot back before starting into uncontrollable sobs. I crawled onto the bed and pulled out my cell phone. "Tamy" i whispered. As i was scrolling through my contacts my phone started ringing. The screen read "TAMERRRZZZ<33" i sucked in a sharp breath. I slowly pressed the answer button. Before I could even say hello, i heard her talking to someone. "Yeah so, shes all like 'ohmygod so i live with this boyband and one of them is my brother and oh yeah another is my boyfriend -so theyre called one direction' and im like thats so cool! And she just rolls her eyes and sh* and yeah now shes a total-" i covered my mouth as more tears rolled down my cheeks. "I always knew there was something off about that chick. Well y'know what they say, good riddance!" 
"Kelly?" i mouthed. now they were into a fit of laughter, by now id put myself on mute on my phone while i sobbed listening as my two ex-bestfriends ratted me out. I couldn't take it anymore. I shoved my face into a pillow and screamed. How could i have been so dumb to trust them? UGH! Why? What did I do? "Omg so tonight, we were at the club. And she was there.", "Ew", "I know right? Well anyways, so she totally cheated on her boy toy with my boyfriend" i could feel her rolling her eyes on the other side of the line. "oh my gawd, she's such a horrible personnn"kelly slurred, "yeah so she was like dirty dancing with him and  she totally ran away from her 'boy toy' when he came to seperate them. I mean like face up to your own problems b-" i hung up there and stared blankly at my phone.

oh. no. she. didn't. *snaps fingers in Z formation*


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