The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


18. Payback

I got to our chairs and picnic table. "Liammmmm!"i yelled. He waved. I sat beside him and rested my head on his shoulder. I grabbed the sandwich he was eating and took a bite and gave it back. His face was priceless. I laughed. He rolled his eyes playfully. I gave him an innocent face. "What? I was hungry!" he gestured our cooler with tons of other food. I smiled and leaned over his lap to open it. I pulled out a bag of chips, good enough. I sat back up and opened it. Before i could even grab any. Zayn came up behind me and scooped a handful. I glared at him and heard a snicker. I turned to see Liam clutching his side in laughter. "Oh so this is funny?"i teased. He gestured his sandwich. "What?" i pretended to be clueless. He picked it up and waved it around in my face. "Well if you insist" i held my hands over his on the sandwich and brought it to my mouth and took another bite. He pulled away and glared at me. "Are you serious?" i shrugged innocently. He rolled his eyes and went back to eating his sandwich. I turned around to see Zayn walking away. "Zayny boo! Wait up!" i ran after him and jumped on his back. He turned his head to see me and laughed. I hugged his neck and kissed his cheek. "Where are we going?" he pointed to this. "Harry and Niall have been waiting in line for an hour, we'll just got meet them" he explained. "Sounds good!" i said getting off his back. We got to the slide. "Harrehh! Niall!" i yelled waving to get their attention but they were already getting in the tube. We ran as fast as we could but just missed them. "Damn" i cursed. Zayn shrugged "lets get in line, well just do it together"he winked. I nodded as he lead me in line, holding my hand in a friendly way.

***Louis' POV***

 "I will not be the jealous type in this relationship" i had promised myself. "Screw it" i muttered. "Hi Louuuuis"someone called. "Hello" i gave them a small smile. "What's your Name?" i asked her. She seemed nice. "Tamy"she giggled. "Well Tamy, would you like to hang out for a bit? I asked. She shrugged. "Sure", "How about we do this slide?" i pointed to the one where Zayn and Vanessa were waiting in line, her head resting on his chest. It was probably in a friendly way, but noneless i wanted it to be me. "Yes! It's my favorite one here! It's super fun!" she dragged me into line. We were a couple people down from Zayn and Vanessa. "Oh my gosh! Is that Zayn?" Tamy shrieked. I looked over and shrugged. "Well ask him!"

***Vanessa's POV***
"Oh my gosh is that Zayn?" i turned around. Louis was there with some girl. Seriously? Like, seriously? I rested my head on Zayn's chest and sighed loudly. Whatever. "Zayn looked down at me."You alright?", i rolled my eyes. "Yeah, sure, whatever." i looked down. "Hey wheres Louis?" Zayn asked. "Zayn!" someone shouted. He turned around. He noticed the girl and glared at Louis. He turned back to me. "Okay, explain." he said. I explained Louis' prank and how ignoring him was just payback. He looked back at them. "They're coming over here -fake going to the bathroom"he pushed me out of the line.

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