The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


19. old friends go a long way♥

**Louis' PoV**
"Hello Zayn" i gestured Tamy, "this is Tamy". "Hi!" she greeted. He smiled at her. "You from around here?" he asked. She shook her head. "I live in Ireland" he nodded. "That's cool" she shrugged. "Got boring. My bestfriend moved somewhere when we were 15. I was pretty lonely since then" , "Well that sucks"i said. "Big time"she agreed. "You didn't make any new friends?" Zayn asked. "None like her"she sighed. "So what brings you to here?" i asked. "Me and her had always said we'd come here when we were eighteen."
She grabbed my arm. "No way." she ran out of line. "VANESSA!"

***Vanessa's PoV***
I looked up. My mouth dropped. It couldn't be. "TAMY!" i yelled running at her. We collided in a hug. "ohmygod"we said at the same time and laughed. "What are you doing here?"we asked at the same time. "We always said we'd come here when we eighteen. " she shrugged. "i guess id never let go of the plan"i hugged her tightly. She pointed at me. "Long story, i'll explain some other time." she nodded. "Oh my god! You'll never guess who i just bumped into!" i shrugged "ZAYN MALIK AND LOUIS TOMLINSON!" she yelled. I laughed. "Yeah well i guess i'll explain my story now then" i dragged her to the nearest table and we sat down. I explained everything to her. Since i found out about my real parents -to now. Her mouth dropped. "Damn you, you lucky female dog" we both laughed. We'd joked about that since forever.

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