The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


34. Mullingar, Ireland

I sat on the plane, waiting as the finals checkups were being made before we could take off. Sadly, I didn’t get a window seat, so I’d have to look over the people sitting beside me to get a view. I kept checking the door every couple minutes, expecting- or rather hoping that Louis would just burst through the doors and… And what? Ask for me to stay? To go on tour with them? I already turned that down. I guess I screwed myself over.

I wiped off the leftover tears from my cheeks that were probably already tear stained. I put my elbow on the arm rest and rested my head in my palm. Luckily this wouldn’t be a long ride considering Ireland was just beside the UK.

/1 hour and 20 minutes later/

“We have currently arrived in Mullingar, Ireland. You may unbuckle your seatbelts and remove your bags from the upper cabinets. We hope that you have enjoyed your flight with British Airways and we hope that you will be flying with us again, soon.”

I opened my eyes. The mid-aged man sitting beside me had his head resting on my shoulder. I sighed wondering how to get him off of me. I drop of drool was forming at the corner of his lip, my eyes widened and I pushed him off of me getting up quickly in disgust. I didn’t have any bags with me on the plane, only a suitcase underneath. I walked off the plane smiling at the flight attendant and I dragged my feet down the long tunnel leading into the airport. Reality finally hit me. I’m home. No more brother. No more Louis. It literally felt as if everything I had lived this summer was just a dream and I had just woken up. It felt terrible.

I walked towards the suitcase conveyor belt taking my time because I knew once I got there I’d have to wait anyways. I passed a Starbucks and decided to stop. I pulled out my wallet and stepped forwards towards the lady who was waiting for my order.

“I’ll take a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino please.” I smiled warmly at her.

“Whipped cream and chocolate syrup?”

“Yes please.”

She smiled at me.

“That’ll be 4.75”

I handed her the money and she went further down to prepare it.

I felt a nudge from behind me awakening me from having my head in the clouds. I glanced back and saw a good looking guy, my age.

“Your name?” He smiled.

“Oh no, I uh, I’m not looking for any kind of guy or anything right now.” I gave him an apologetic smile.

He laughed.

He- what? Why did he laugh?

I looked at him confused.

He nodded in the direction of the counter and I turned around to see the lady that took my order there waiting with a marker to write my name on the cup. I turned a deep crimson red.

“Uh Vanessa.” I told her.

I walked away to the other end of the counter where I’d wait for my name to be called.

/A few minutes later/

I got my drink and continued on walking down the long hallways and taking the occasional escalators until I finally arrived to the conveyor belt. I waited, arms crossed, sipping my drink, for the system to turn on.   

I finally heard a loud buzzing noise and jumped. The belt started moving. Suitcases came along, and I could make mine out a few meters away. I pushed my way through the crowd and tried to pull my suitcase off the belt with only one hand, seeing that my other was holding my drink. I should’ve bought my drink after getting my luggage. Ugh.

And of course, it passed. I missed it.

In the meanwhile as I waited for it to come back around, I walked over to a bin and threw out the leftovers of my drink.

I looked back and saw the guy from Starbucks in front of whom I had totally embarrassed myself, taking my suitcase of the conveyor. I ran up to him waving my arms.

“Hey! Hey! Put that down!”

He turned around.

“That’s MY suitcase!” I yelled getting closer. “Put it down!”

I finally got up to him and he looked at me questionably.

“I saw you struggling to get it over on the other side and decided I’d help you out.” He said in a sorry tone of voice. “Geez.” He joked

I laughed.

“Oh- I’m sorry.” I bit my lip. “Thank you though.” I gave him a nervous smile.

He smiled back.

He was REALLY good looking. Blue eyes. Blond hair. Medium length.

“Too bad you’re not looking for anyone right now.” He winked and walked away.

And just like that he was gone. 

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