The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


3. Meeting the band...personally

*Vanessa's P.o.V*
I told him my story, how my parents had left me with my aunt and how I'd gotten back with them when Niall left, I broke down in tears while telling him this, I felt like such an idiot. Finally I finished my story by telling him my plan, he nodded and pulled me into his arms. I like him, he's definitely gonna be one of my bestfriends. 

*Harry's P.o.V* 
Oh, I feel so bad for her right now...I wont tell the other boys, she asked me not to and I'd like to get to know her better so I'd better start by earning her trust. I couldn't help myself, I hugged her and I didn't ever want to let go. My eyes became glassy but I swallowed back the tears not to seem like a wimp. She needed someone she could trust and that would be there for her. I know she isn't lying, you can see it in the way she tells her story. 
-Thank you, she muttered
-It's alright babe, it's alright. I said into her hair. 
She squeezed me tightly before letting go. 
-Could I have your number? I asked quickly
-Sure, that would be useful, she said as she took the phone I handed her. 
I gave her my number as well. Just as she was leaving, i grabbed her arm and pulled her back. 
-Don't leave, i said
Her eyes widened.
-Don't leave, i repeated.

*Vanessa's P.o.V*
He cared about me, he really did. or did he just pity me? Gosh I hated pity. But i really don't think that, I think he actually cares. I asked him if he thought Niall would like me, he said yes. My eyes widened when he said to stay. I couldn't imagine why he'd ask me to. 
-Why? I barely know you...
-You're Niall's sister, he whispered
-So? I asked starting to get irratated. I don't need your pity, and just because I'm Niall's sister doesn't mean you have to care for me and...
He cut me off by saying
-Yes, that's exacly why, but not the only reason, he snapped. I care about you Vanessa, I really do, you've been through alot, I know we haven't known each other very long...
-About twenty minutes, I point out. 
-So, you don't know me!
-But I can get to...he said grining. 
-Vanessa, he said mocking me. 
I rolled my eyes. 
-Point is, lets hang out, get to meet the boys, get close to Niall and tell him. 
-Easy for you to say...
-Vanessa! he snapped.
-What? I asked, what? I know you're trying to help, but maybe I should've just stayed in Ireland and never came looking for my stupid brother in the first place. I muttered before backing away and turning around.
He caught my arm once again.
-Please, all I want to do is help, besides if Niall found out about you and knew i knew without telling him and letting you run off, I swear he'd kill me. 
I chuckled.
-Please, he repeated.
-Alright, i said
-Great, he said taking my hand.
I looked down at our hands and shook my head.
We ran to the black vans where the four other boys were waiting. 

*Harry's P.o.V*
-Hey guys, this is Vanessa. I said, letting go of her hand and pushing her in front of me. 
-The Irish one! Niall commented
-Yup, she said popping the "p"
I shook my head and chuckled.
-Hi Vanessa! Louis, Zayn and Liam chanted all at once.
-Hey guys, she said, blushing. 
-Ouuuuhhhh we've got a blusher! Louis commented.
She blushed once more, looking down at her feet to escape our eyes. 
-So what you doing in London? Liam asked
Her eyes widened as she tried to catch mine for me to speak up and help her. 
-She's visiting, uh, some friends? I suggested. Yeah she came to visit some friends she knew since she was small and hasn't seen them in a while..
She sighed and smiled at me as a "thank-you", i winked in response. 
-Cool, Zayn said.
She smiled and looked around. This was getting awkwarder by the minute.
-Mind if she comes along lads? I ask grinning
Vanessa's eyes widen as she looks at me with a questioning look. 
-It's gonna be alright Vaness, i whispered discretely in her ear. 

We all hop into the van, Louis driving, Liam in the passenger seat, Niall and me in the back seat and Zayn in the seat ahead of us with Vanessa. The ride was quite quick as we arrived at our flat. Vanessa's mouth dropped.
-You live here? She asked, still staring at our flat.
-Yup, we all said at the same time. 
-Awesome, she said nodding. 

As the boys all ran up to probably clean a bit before me and Vaness entered, me and her stayed behind.
-Are you sure i'm not intruding? she asked worried
-Of course you're not!
-If you say so..she said quietly walking towards the building. 

*Vanessa's P.o.V*
I turn around to see if Harry was following me, I see him leaning inside the car and suddenly pull out my sportsbag and my backpack. I hurry towards him and ask:
-What are you doing?!
-Getting your stuff out so that we can bring them inside, he said calmly. 
-Are you crazy? my eyes bolting out of my head. 
-No, he grinned. 
-Put it down, she ordered.
-No, i say cheekily.
-Harry Styles, i said tapping my foot, put my bags down this instant or I'm not going into your flat.
-Is this a challenge? 
-No, it's an order.
-As you wish my lady, he said before picking me up and swinging me on his shoulder, holding her potato bag style.
-STYLES! I yelped
He ignored my screams and only put me down once we were standing in the living room with four handsome boys waiting for us. 
He put me down and I blushed and turned to look at my feet. Louis rushed over to me and pinched my cheeks. 
-Aw! You're so cute! he squealed. 
-Lou, let go, now. I warned
He let go of my cheeks and then playfully tapped my cheek before turning around to go sit on the couch with the other boys. Harry leaded me into the kitchen. 
-You okay? he asked
-Fine, i smiled.
-Great, he smiled showing his dimples.

We walked back into the living room and Harry said:
-I hope you guys don't mind Nessa here staying with us..
I shot him a look that said : HARRY STYLES ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND???
He just grinned at me and waited for the boys to respond.
-No problem they said and cheered.
-One problem though, Liam begun, Where is she gonna sleep? 
-In my bed, Harry answered.
Everyone's eyes widened.
-I'll sleep on the floor of course or on the couch here in the living room, he said.
We all sighed in relief. 
-Alright... I guess, well, Welcome home Vanessa! Louis chirped before engulfing me into a hug. I hugged him back laughing. 
The boys all hugged me and then left to their rooms since it was getting late. Harry had taken my bags to set in his room, which left me and Louis alone. 
-So...he begun
-So...I mocked him.
He rolled his eyes.
-you like Harry eh? He wiggled his eyebrows. 
-No! I protested
-okay, okay, then who do you fancy? 
My eyes widened
-You are so random! I said.
He tackled me and starting tickling me till i couldn't breathe anymore.
He pulled himself off and helped me up. He grinned while I reached up to grab his hand.
-What now? I asked
-You like me, he said pulling me into a hug.
Confused, i hugged back awkwardly..
-What makes you think that? I said
-Your bracelet, he said motioning my orange I LOVE LOUIS bracelet on my wrist. I facepalmed myself. 
-Oh wow. I muttered.
-Aw! he cooed.
-Louis, don't get any ideas, I said before turning around and walking to Harry's room.

-I LOVE YOU TOO VANESSA! He chirped before entering his room, I errupted in laughter before opening the door to "my" new room...

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