The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


10. Making things better

Harry eyeing other girls. I shake my head. "Gawd! I am so selfish!" he gives me a puzzled look. "I see you checking out all of those girls Harry! We're in a fake relationship because I want to make someone else jealous... Even tough it leads to nothing. Raging him won't make him fall in love with me!" i throw my arms up in the air and swing my head back. "What are you saying?" he asks. "That we end it" i shrug "get your freedom back Haz, it's something i will no longer keep from you." i give him a sad smile. He nods adding "alright, but for the record, you weren't taking away my freedom. I'd agreed to go along with it, therefore my decision; my freedom." i roll my eyes. "Friends?" he suggests pulling out his hand for a handshake. "Best friends" i correct him and pull him into a hug "just like before" i say snuggling my head in his neck. We pull away and he says"i guess you should go fix things between you and..", "i suggest i wait a little for that? So he wont think i switch from guy to guy on a daily basis.." he shakes his head "i think he's waited long enough, besides you should tell him the truth if you want him to trust you in your guys new relationship..." i nod "he won't be mad at you? I mean you guys are best mates..." he shrugs "ill deal with it. Besides i pretty much agreed with that the day we started " he chuckles. I shake my head smiling "You're the best Haz" he shrugs "I try, I try" i laugh and he pulls me in for another hug. Pulling away he pushes me towards the exit. "Go get 'em tiger" i facepalm myself before quickly leaving the mall and realizing i need Harry to drive me home. I rush back in to see him standing there flooded with laughter. I playfully smack his shoulder and we're on our way. -home- i get out of the car but quickly notice Harry isn't doing the same. I raise my eyebrow at him. "i think i'll wait for Louis to cool off before i go in there" he said motioning the flat with his head. 

I flatten out my outfit and make my way to the door.
I walk into the house and see Louis standing in the kitchen. Suddenly i remembered what had happened right before we'd left for the mall. Hell no I wasn't going to get back with him. Damn heart. Why can't you like someone else? 

Louis noticed me and said. "Vaness, can we ... talk?", i rolled my eyes. "Sure. Whatever"he sighed. He motioned for me to follow him but i just flopped down on the sofa. "Really?"he asked. I shrugged. "Is there a problem?", "No."he said sweetly and sat beside me. "I just wanted to tell you, I broke up with Jackie." I didn't say anything. I was mad at him and he knew it. I just turned on the tellie and watched it as he talked. "Vanessa?", "mhm?"i said my gazed locked on the screen. "Did you hear what I said?", I nodded. He waited. "So..?"he asked awkwardly. I turned to face him as I turned the tv off. "Oh. So i'm supposed to care?", "Well, I uh, I thought.."he begun. "You THOUGHT. And you were wrong." I said getting up. He grabbed my arm. "So, you don't like me?", "Louis, i'm with Harr..uh I uh nevermind." he raised his eye brows. "You guys broke up?", "Oh so you care?"i snapped. He rolled his eyes. "Anyways, i just want things to be cool between us." i looked away. he gave me a questioning look. "kay"i said and got up. He got up as well and stood in front of me. "That's not us being okay."he said. "Fine"i said and took out my hand for a handshake. "Seriously? Vanessa, what happened to before?" "What happened is that I liked you and you went and played with my heart Louis. I moved on and when Im single again, you expect me to run back into your arms." I shook my head and fought the tears. His mouth opened and closed. "I never expected you to come back into my arms, especially after the way I treated you. But bringing out your imperfections was the way i forgot how perfect you were to me. Can't we move past that?"he said desperately. "I guess so."I said, my voice cracking at the end. He pulled me into a hug. "Vee"he whispered into my hair. "Lou..."I said squeezing him tightly. 

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