The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


51. Louessa AND Niam are real

(this chapter is really short, its basically just a filler between the last one and the next one).

Vanessa’s POV

Me and Louis have been a secret couple for three weeks now. But I know he wants to tell people. And so do I. I didn’t want to just come out with it three weeks ago because I didn’t want to crush Harry completely.

I loved him (just not the same way he loved me).


I had told Niall though. Right after I talked with Harry that day, and he thought I was making the right choice by being with Louis. Which was a relief.


And today we were going to tell the rest of the boys, which meant Harry as well.


(skip to after they tell everyone)


They were all smiles, which was great. Harry even gave me a hug and said he knew we would end up together in the end.



*Six months later*


Me and Harry have been great friends and Louessa has been going strong.


“Guys look what just came in the mail!” Niall called from the kitchen. Everyone came out of their rooms and into the room Niall was in.


“One Direction has been invited to a ball.” We all gave him an impressed look.

“Dates are invited as well, be sure to be classy. And we hope you have a great time.”


The boys all cheered. Louis turned around quickly and took my  hands in his. “Will you go to the ball with me?”


I laughed throwing my head back. “Of course I will Louis.”

He smiled and cupped my face. Kissing my lips.


The boys wolf whistled. “Well, um, Niall… will you be my date?” Liam asked.

“Aw Li, of course I will.” Niall answered and jumping on Liam to give him a bear hug.

“I guess Niam’s real..” I pitched in.

“Sure is.” Niall said winking at me. He looked at Liam and leaned to give him a kiss on the cheek. Liam pushed him away.


“Woah, let’s not get too into it.” Liam said with fake disgust.


“You’re right, I forgot, Niam isn’t for the public’s eyes.” Niall said dramatically, causing us all to burst out laughing. 

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