The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


15. Dateee aww

i was laying in Lou's arms, just...happy. For now my life was ..perfect. I smiled at that thought. My thoughts went deeper until i frowned and looked at my boyfriend "Lou, we haven't even gone on a -" he raised an eyebrow. Well i guess we didn't have to go on one, i mean its just somethingg you'd imagine normal couples doing. "Nevermind" i smiled, he nodded and kissed my forehead before focusing his attention back onto the tv. Actually, i wanted to go on one, oh what the heck. "Actually" he chuckled "mmm?" "As i was saying, we've never actually gone on a a couple i mean" i gave him a suggestive smile. He sighed "Well there goes my surprise plan for the evening" my eyes widened but i laughed and kissed his cheek. "Oh you think this is funny don't you?"he teased and leaned over me and started tickling me. "LOUU!" i yelped.  "Guys! We're still here!" Harry called as he walked into the living room covering his eyes. "Oh Styles calm down, we weren't doing anything!" i yelled. "Uh-huh" i rolled my eyes And playfully wacked him.




It was a little fancy restaurant. It wasn't that fancy -but it wasn't casual.We both ate spaghetti and then randomly i giggled. "What?" Lou asked as he quickly grabbed his napkin and rubbed his face. "Theres nothing on your face lou" i laughed. "Then what is it?"he asked confused. I shook my head and starting poking at my food. "C'mon Ness" he said tentatively. "It was just a thought" i said. He gave me a go-on look. "Well you know Lady and the Tramp? The movie? Well i don't know..nevermind" i laughed nervously "it's stupid"i finished. I looked up to see him laughing. I gave him a confused look. He pulled my chair closer. He put his bowl of spaghetti between us. He carefully twirled the noodles around my fork and gave it to me. And then he untwirled some of them onto his fork so that our forks were linked with noodles. I caught on and we both put the fork into our mouths. Our lips got closer and closer on the noodles until they met. I smiled against his lips and then he pulled away. "Was that your thought?"he winked and i blushed. "Something like that" i teased. 

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