The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


7. Brothaaa&sistaa♥

 It's been a week since Niall knows the truth, we've been sort of..ignoring each other since then. I walked into the kitchen, to find Harry sitting there, alone. I walked over to him and sat on his lap. I looked into his beautiful green eyes and then back down. He lifted my chin up with his finger and looked me in the eye before saying "You know you guys have to talk one day or another" my smile dropped. I was never comfortable talking about Niall anymore. A tear started to form in my eye but i bit my lip and nodded. I took a deep breath and walked to Niall's room. I didn't want to knock, in case he didn't want to talk to me and when he'd see me, he'd close the door. Instead, i slipped a picture under his door and went back to my room. He'd know it was me, and he'd decide if he wanted to talk. It was a picture of me and Niall before we got  totally  separated. I heard him get off his bed and footsteps getting closer to the door. I quickly but silently ran back into my room and sat on my bed, immediately regretting what i'd just did. A few minutes later I heard a loud sigh and then there was a knock on my door. My eyes widened. "Come in"i nearly whispered. Niall walked in, his eyes all red and puffy. He'd cried. He took a long look at me before walking towards me and putting his arms around me. I hugged back and whispered into his chest " do you believe me?" he sighed. I pushed him back, my eyes filled with pain and anger. "You don't do you?"i asked shaking my head. He was about to  when his mouth dropped. "Vanessa." he never called me that unless he was dead serious. "So many fans, they pretend that they're related to us to get close"his head dropped and a tear slid down his face. "I..I'm sorry Vanessa."he whipped away his tears before looking back up at me. "I need time." he said. I glared at him. "Save it"I turned on my heels and walked out of my room. I could hear Niall cry inside. Harry saw me, tears streaming down my face. "I heard, he said, you're not done, get back in there" he gave me a push and i walked back into my room. "You know what?"I said in a matter-of-factly tone. "I don't know how it is to be famous, only hidden."i spat. His eyes widened. "Can..can I have proof?"he asked nervously. I threw him my passport and sat on the bed. His mouth dropped. "Sis?"he tried. I shook my head. "Don't...don't act like you're my brother even if you haven't known about me for 18 years." he nodded. "I'll do my best to protect you and be the best brother you'll ever have."he mumbled loud enough for me to hear and then left. I closed my eyes, holding back the tears. Minutes later i heard shouting and came out of my room. Niall was on the phone, it was on speaker "Hello?"a woman's voice asked. "Mum.."Niall began. "Niall!"our parents chanted. He shook his head. "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU KEEP MY SISTER AWAY FROM ME?"He yelled. There was a silence and he noticed me in the room, he quickly picked up the phone, turned off speaker mode and pressed it to his ear, leaving the kitchen. My heart dropped, the friendship I had with Niall was ruined. 

||A few weeks later||
"NIALL!"i said as he shot me with whipped cream, "SERIOUSLY NIALL...HAHAHAHA, STOP!!!!!!"I shouted trying to squirm out of his grab, the next day we'd talked once he knew about us being sibblings, we started brother-sister bonding time. We were close now, closer than we were before. He finally stopped and I ran away, to my room where i'd take a shower and get dressed. I walked into Louis, "Hey"he smiled. "Oh uh hi"I said, "So..about our date that was due over a month ago.."he started cheekily. My mouth dropped. "OHMYGOD i totally forgot Lou! I'm so sorry i've just, i've just been spending so much...", "I know"he cut me off. "How about tonight?"He asked. "I have plans with Niall..."I stated. "Right.."he rolled his eyes. "What?"I asked "Always Niall, you guys used to hang out before and now you have to hang out more cause he found out!!"He spat. My eyes widened "He's my brother"I hissed "He was before as well"he muttered pushing past me. "Can we talk about us later?"I asked "Oh so you want there to be an us?"He said coldly before walking into his
room. I rolled my eyes and jumped into the shower. I got changed and before skipping out of my room. I suddenly remembered Louis. I sighed before knocking on his door. He opened the door and sniffled. I gave him an apologetic smile. He just stood there. "Can we talk?"I asked, he nodded. "Can I come in?"I asked. He looked behind him and turned back nodding. I walked into his room and sat on his bed. "What's up Lou? Why are you so upset?"I asked. He sighed. "I like you Ness, but you just don't seem to realize that"he said. "I was just bonding with my brother...", He rolled his eyes. "Lou!", "What??", "Quit it!", "What did I do now?"he snapped. I jumped back. "Love..i'm sorry, I just, I..I didn't mean to snap at you like that" I slowly nodded and moved back to my initial place. I bit my lip as he leaned down for a hug. I didn't hug back. He looked hurt. His questioning eyes met mine. I sighed "Why are you jealous of Niall?"I said simply. his mouth dropped.

*Louis' POV*
Was I jealous of Niall? No, he can't kiss her or love her like I would...If i could that is. She just didn't seem to get the hint that I liked her. She motioned that she was coming back in two minutes. I hear a squeal and she ran back into my room. "So...tonight?" She asked. I smiled and nodded. -Night- "Almost ready? We're only going to an Italian restaurant, just supper" I yelled into the hallway. "coming!"she chanted. Her voice was like music to my ears. 
"woah"i whispered "You look amazing"I said taking her hand and leading her to the door. "Have fun LoveBirds!"Harry chanted. I smirked at him. I sent a quick wave to the guys and we were gone. -At the restaurant- "Ness, do me?", "Of course I do Loubear" she grinned. I shook my head and chuckled. "No, i mean like, like like"i asked hesitantly. "Woah that's alot of likes"she teased.

*Vanessa's POV*
I kept trying to avoid the question because I didn't know what to answer, i've been so caught up with Niall lately that I didn't have time to spend time with Lou. This was getting awkwarder by the minute.  I didn't exacly know if i liked Louis 'cause i never was allowed a boyfriend, gawsh my aunt was so over protective... I heard him sigh and i looked up at him. "I'm sorry Lou..." i began "It's alright, maybe i just, just forget about it okay?"I didn't know what to think. My eyes widened. I couldn't speak. Was I falling for Louis Tomlinson? "Lou, i just need time to sort things out alright?"i gave him an apologetic smile. He nodded and winked. I smiled. We got up once dinner was finished and I wrapped my arms around him. "I do like you Lou, i do"i whispered into his chest. I don't know if he heard, but if he did, he didn't show it. He smiled down at me and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Shall we go?"he asked I nodded taking his arm in mine and walking down the street. I couldn't understand my emotions, when Louis smiled at me i got butterflies in my stomac, when he said my name, I sounded so right, who am i kidding? I am falling for him.  We walked inside and Niall motioned for Louis to come near him. I followed. He smiled at me and pealed my arm off of Louis' I have to talk to the boys...alone. He said. I frowned. He kissed my forehead and motioned my room with his hand. I nodded and made my way into my room. What was up with them? I don't care, I'm just tired anyways. I layed down and fell quickly asleep. 

*Harry's POV*
Louis' wasn't quite smiling when he walked in with Vanessa. I wonder what happened, she looked perfectly fine. I'll have to ask him about it later. "Alright" Niall's voice broke through my thoughts. "Just a quick meeting to say that my sister is off limits"he said and turned about to leave. Louis' grabbed his arm "What do you mean mate?"he asked. "You. cannot. date. her"he said very slowly pretending Louis didn't understand. Lou rolled his eyes. "Why not?", "Because she is my sister and I love her as much as I love you guys and if you were to break up with her, i wouldn't want/be able to chose a side". Louis rolled his eyes. "Mate...", "What?!"he snapped, I backed away slowly regretting. "Calm down there buddy"Zayn started. Louis' sighed and chuckled. "What's funny mate?"Liam asked, confused. "I just got it"he smiled, but not a kind smile. "Niall here doesn't want me to date his sister, because he can't."Louis' stated before turning his back to us and walking off to his room. All of our mouths dropped but Niall's face filled with anger. "Now Niall"I began patting his back, "Is, is it true?"I asked. "NO!"he snapped, a little too quickly. I nodded and raised my hands up in a -woah- way. He shut his eyes and just shook his head. "Do you guys mind? I asked, I'll talk to Niall for a minute" They nodded and quickly left. "Niall, do you like your sister?"I asked hesitantly. "I fell in love with her Harry, love is hard to forget."he stated. "Call Lacey maybe? Aren't things all arranged between you two?"u proposed. "yeah" I wiggled my eyebrows. "I guess you could say that.."he finished. My eyes widened. "What happened mate?"i asked. "Well after she cheated with me, i felt vulnerable and started to fall for Vanessa, I tried to push her away and make things alright with Lacey until i found out Louis fancied her too. Then I knew I had to have her. I went to see Lacey a few days later and broke up with her."he said his eyes glassy. I patted his back as he continued. "I left my princess for a girl i could never have"he said tears streaming down his face. "It's alright"i tried to soothe him. "She wasn't your princess, your princess would never cheat on you"I stated. He nodded and whipped his eyes and looked at me with a weak smile. "So Louis' was right?"I asked hesitantly. He shrugged and motioned me out of his bedroom so he could sleep. 

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