The one that got away

I'm Niall Horan's SISTER? Then why did he...

[Completed story]


4. A nice day with One Direction

*Vanessa's POV*
As i entered the room, not bothering to raise my eyes, I walked straight into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Realizing I wasn't in my own house I backed up and looked at Harry. "Hope you don't mind me taking a shower?" I asked. "Of course not!"he grinned. "Thanks." I walked to my backpack that Harry had brought to the room and pulled out my 'kit bag' before making my way back to the shower. 
I carefully locked the door and hoped into the shower. After half an hour I heard banging on the door. I jumped and realized i'd been singing, I blushed, turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. "Yes?" I asked. "How long does it take to take a shower?" Harry asked quite seriously. My eyes widened. Oh my, I was being rude and I'd just met them. I shifted on my feet "Oh gosh, I'm so sor..." I was interrupted by someone collapsed in laughter on the other side of the door. "HARRY!" I shouted. I dropped the towel and begun to get dressed when I realized I'd forgotten to bring clothes with me into the bathroom, oh well this is going to be awkward... "H-Harry?" I asked nervously. "Yes love?", "Could you please hand me some pyjamas from my backpack please...?"I nervously laughed. "Of course." I could sense him smirking on the other side of the door. / I opened the door a tiny, bit while hiding behind it. He handed me the clothes, I quickly thanked him and shut the door. I looked down at what he'd brought me: a cropped jumper and short lace shorts.
Oh Harry...I thought. I quickly blow dried my hair and left the bathroom. He was no where in the room I sighed before slipping on my slippers and checking myself one more time in the mirror before going to see what was up. 

I slowly left the room when I bumped into Zayn. "Oh hey.." I said awkwardly. "Vaness!" He said. I smiled. "I was just going to get a drink" he smirked. "Awesome" I nodded. "Do you happen to know where Harry is?" I added. "Um yeah, I think I saw him in the kitchen with Louis, I'm going there as well, shall we?" He asked in a posh voice and handing me his arm. "We shall" I laughed as I tried to mimic his posh voice. / Laughing and pushing each other around while walking down the hallway, Zayn and I were getting along great. I accidently smashed into Niall's room door and heard a groan on the other side before the door opened to reveal a very tired looking Irish dude. "Niall! I'm so sorry for waking you!" I whispered. When he saw me, his smile instantly lit up. "It's alright, he smiled. But you kids should be getting some sleep, I think the lads and I are going to want to take you sight seeing or something fun in the morning" I nodded before quickly going to the kitchen with Zayn, when we got there, Louis was leaving, which meant Harry was lone. "Harry!" I said. "Come on curly, I said while taking his hand and dragging him to our room." He mouthed "Help me." to Zayn who smirked and shook his head before opening the fridge. |No i didn't have feelings for Harry, though we were the closest since he knew...| 

When we got to the room, I plopped onto the bed and Harry just stood there staring at me with a grin. "What?" I asked innocently. "Nothing" he smirked. "Well alright, I said before lifting the covers and making myself comfortable. Harry looked at the ground and then back at me. I patted the bed, motioning him that I didn't mind for him to sleep next to me since i knew I didn't have feelings for him and that he was just a friend. He furrowed his eyebrows. "Sure?" he asked. I nodded before laying back down. I felt the mattress shift under the new weight on the bed. We quickly fell asleep and drifted off to the dream world.

//The next morning//
I opened my eyes and looked around. "Where am I?!" I thought. I rolled on my side and came face to face with a handsome young man. "AAAAAH!" I screamed before realizing what had happened the day before. I clamped my hand over my mouth and sat there, embarrassed. Harry's eyes opened to reveal a beautiful green shade. "Sorry" i mouthed. I scratched my head and played around with my hair, to avoid eye contact. "It's alright, he said, we'd better be getting up anyway if we wanna get on with today" he said with a tired voice. I nodded before getting off the bed and handing my arm down to Harry to help him get up. We walked into the kitchen to find four boys all already dressed, eating breakfast. I hear whistles and someone say "Well goodmorning sleeping beauty" I smirked and shook my head. Harry had already made his way to the couch, sitting next to Liam. I looked down at my outfit to avoid the boys seeing me blush. Oh. My. God. I'd forgotten I was wearing this. My eyes widened. I looked back up at the boys before quickly saying:"I'll go get dressed and come right back", "No need, Louis said, just eat and change afterwards." He winked. How embarrassing. I nodded and sat at the table. A plate of pankakes awaited me. Once I was finished eating I asked: "So, whats the plan for today?", I quickly realized that maybe I wasn't part of their plan, I looked at Harry my eyes wide. He nodded at me as if he was saying: "Yes, you are staying with us". "If you don't mind me coming along that is" I added awkwardly. "Oh, you were coming weither you liked it or not" An irish boy said. I laughed before getting up. "We are going to the fair" Liam said, answering my question. I looked at him, "thank you" I said, and slowly walked to mine and Harry's room to get dressed. I slipped on this: 
Tied my hair like this: 

and walked out of the room. I caught up to the boys who were leaving the house. Harry had changed while I ate. Before exiting, I put on my shoes and then ran off to the car where we all piled in; I sat beside Niall. I'd fallen asleep on his shoulder, since the car ride was so long. 

//At the fair//
- Okay guys, ......and girl. Let team up! Liam said. 
- Well me and Nessa here are gonna be together since i'm her favorite, Louis shouted before taking my hand and running away with me. 
Everyone shot us confused glances but carried on. I giggled as Louis and I made ourselves to the Ferris Wheel. 
[Liam was with Harry and Niall with Zayn]

*Niall's POV*
I glared at Louis when he ran off with Vanessa. I guess Zayn noticed because he elbowed me. "Ow! What was that for mate!" I shouted. "As I do recall, you have a girlfriend Niall, does Lacey ring any bells to you?" He snapped. Oh right...Lacey. I hadn't seen her in about a week and a half and kinda 'forgot' about her? Anyways, I really liked Lace, I wasn't going to let a fan get in between us. I rolled my eyes at Zayn. "I don't like Vanessa." I muttered. All i heard was a faint "sure" from Zayn before we made our way to the cotton candy machines. I kept finding myself staring at her. SNAP OUT OF IT NIALL! I'd tell myself, but I couldn't get my eyes off her, she was so damn beautiful. 

*Vanessa's POV*
"Louis, just give up, you'll never be able to whack all the moles!" I giggled as he was struggling to hit all the moles to win a prize. "LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON DOES NOT GIVE UP!" he shouted determined. I shook my head as I watched him. Finally, he won, but only the small prize. He chose out a small elephant which he handed to me. "For you" he grinned. "Aw, thanks Lou, but are you sure you don't want to keep your prize from your amazingly big accomplishment?" I teased him. "Gasp! I am hurt Nena" he said, placing a hand on his heart and fake sobbing. We both laughed when suddenly Louis asked "what are you going to name him?" I shrugged and giggled. "I think you should name his Louis, because he is a great person and he is handsome and well he is awesome and something deserves to be named after him to demonstrate his extreme bravery in this accomplishment." He smirked. I playfully slapped his arm and shook my head. "I was serious." he said. "okay then, I said, Louis it is" I giggled and we continued on with the games and rides. I was having an amazing time with Lou. 

//End of the fair// [A/N: Sorry for skipping the fair, it's just that there's so much more to come!]

*Louis' POV* 
We were all laughing in the car on our way back to the flat. I admit it. I like her. Alot. I want to get to know her more, she's an awesome girl and gorgeous as well. Gah! I wish I was close to her like Harry was, she really trusted him. But we will be good friends, soon...when we get to know eachother better. I saw Vanessa's eyes starting to shut, she was sitting beside Niall. Lucky one he was. He smiled at her and patted his lap indicating for her to rest her head. I believe I saw Zayn glare at him, but I'm tired as well so who knows what's really happening. We'd spent all day at the fair and now we were going home. I had a game of truth or dare prepared for everyone when we'd get back to the flat..Oh how this was going to be interesting. 

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