Just Under the Water [ BoyxBoy ]

Xavier may look like every other boy around: hair, eyes, the common human looks. Yet, inside, he's different from most males, he has a different gender preference, as in he's gay. Yes, he may be fine with this piece of information but that doesn't mean that everyone else is. So he's constantly bullied and hated for who he is. One day, when running from all those terrible people, he stumbled upon a painting and the boy, who is like no other, the artist. And just maybe the person who will help Xavier through his life.


3. Hello All

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for never updating. I kind of drifted away from this site but now I'm back and ready to tackle this project. So, I will be making a brand new movella for this, kind of like a fresh start.

I'll tell you when I'm done making it c:


-- Blood Oath of the Knights

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