I want you to rock me | One Direction [Narry]

The boys are backstage in Madison Square Garden after their first tour performance. Niall feels alone and betrayed after seeing his flirt and band mate, Liam, flirting with Zayn and sharing a changing room. This leads him to look around for substitutes.
Warnings: smut, gay sex, bottom!Niall, swearing



As the five teenage hunks finished their set in the Madison Square Garden venue and ran off stage, loud screams from young girls could still be heard backstage. Paul walked up behind the boys and gave Louis a proud clap on his shoulder. "You did great, boys, this is gonna be an amazing tour". Niall looked over at Liam and Zayn who were walking with arms over each others shoulders, exchanging looks. He could feel the jealousy burn in his stomach, so he turned to Harry by his side, the gorgeous 18-year olds charming curls were wet of sweat and were sticking to his forehead. Harry still hadn't caught his breath, Niall watched the band mate’s chest move as he breathed in the chill air of the backstage hallway.


They all walked into their dressing rooms. Liam and Zayn were sharing one as there were only four dressing rooms available. Niall felt the destroying feeling of betrayal. Liam had chosen Zayn over him. As he saw Louis walk in to his dressing room, a bit longer down the hall, he looked to the dressing room that was marked 'Malik, Payne'. He looked back at his own room. 'Horan' it said with black permanent marker on a piece of paper in a small frame. Harry walked into the lounge room, which they had been sitting in, waiting to go on stage, just under two hours ago. What would he be doing in there, Niall asked himself, as he felt a longing sensation in his lower region. He was surprised with himself. Harry... He was pretty sure Harry didn't feel the same way. Niall was a young lad, not a gorgeous 30 year old female model. As he stood there in the hallway thinking about Harry who was on just the other side of the wall, the other lad walked right out of the door from the lounge room with a banana in his hand, which he had already nearly finished. "Oh, Niall, didn't see you there," Harry said, and quickly strayed Niall's right bicep and walked past him. Harry was so close to Niall for just one second that he could smell booze in Harry’s breath. He must’ve drunk a pint in the lounge, Niall thought to himself and only saw that as a positive thing. Niall could feel himself wanting Harry more and more. He didn’t know if it was in an act of revenge because of Liam and Zayn or if it was just because this boy was so attractive that he couldn’t help himself.


“Oh, Harry”, Niall called to the younger band member who was going towards his dressing room. Harry stopped for a second then turned to the blonde. “Ye?”. “I want you to rock me”, Niall said and lifted his eyebrows briefly and provocatively. Harry froze for a second, then looked serious at Niall. “What did you just say to me?” he hissed confused. “I... want you... to rock me.” Niall said, now with the biggest smirk on his face. Harry just stood there. Didn’t know what to do. Then he grinned and turned around to his dressing room and continued walking. Niall took this as an invitation.


As Niall shut the door behind them, Harry dropped his banana peel in the bin and turned to Niall and walked up to him and stood so close that their nose tips nearly met. “I thought you were with Liam. Didn’t think little cute Niall would be the slut, huh?”. Niall didn’t know how to feel about that accusation. It was true. He was with Liam originally. But it wasn’t official and Liam had been with Zayn the last couple of days on the tour bus, so why didn’t he have the right to fuck whoever he wanted to? He didn’t need Liam’s permission. Harry’s green eyes flickered between Niall’s eyes and his lips. Niall unconsciously licked his lips, smiled, which revealed the set of cheeky braces hidden under his lips. They stood completely still for a second. Niall turned to the door. He pulled the handle to check if it was opened, but found that Harry had already locked the door, revealing they both had the same intentions. Niall felt a set of hands from behind starting to caress his hips, working their ways to his toned stomach, then felt a short breath and a soft kiss on the top of his back which made a chilling sensation run down his spine and make a hot and tingling coil in his stomach. “I’m gonna rock you now, if that’s all right”, Harry whispered, pressing his bulging pants against Niall’s behind.  


Harry pushed an aroused Niall onto the dressing rooms brown couch that was placed next to a desk. Niall landed on his back, kicking off his shoes. Harry walked over to the blonde, positioning himself in front of him. “Do.. Do you have lube?” Niall whispered, ruining the arousal. Harry frowned for a second, annoyed that he asked, but then padded his pocket and nodded verifyingly. Niall took a deep breath as Harry bent down over him and they shared their first kiss. He again felt goosebumps all over his body and then felt another wave of arousal. “Oh Niall, I want you”, Harry gasped in the middle of the kiss. Niall unbuckled his belt, threw it onto the floor, and quickly pulled off his pants with assistance from Harry. Harry kissed him again, now even more passionately than before. He started palming the older boy’s crotch which was only covered by the thin fabric of his boxers.


Harry quickly pulled his tee over his head, revealing his gorgeous collarbones, abs, and the various doodles inked onto his mildly tanned skin. Niall scanned the perfect image of Harry standing only in his black skinny jeans, throwing his 70’s tee towards the desk chair. Niall let out a groan as Harry slid a hand into his boxers, grabbing his throbbing length. Niall pulled off his white tank, resulting Harry kissing him up his snail trail up to his chest. “You could use some tats, Niall”, Harry said, smirking at him. Niall threw his hair back, relaxed and let out a laugh. “You’re not gonna peer pressure me into that, Haz!” he exclaimed, pulling the younger lad closer. Niall’s boxers were now off, revealing his stiff member with Harry’s enormous hands wrapped around it. “I’m gonna fuck you now”, Harry said calmly, looking straight into Niall’s longing blue eyes. Harry ripped his tight jeans off surprisingly fast, now standing only in his white Calvin Klein-undies. Harry pulled up the little bottle of lube from his trousers on the ground, nodding against the couch, a signal for Niall to turn around. Harry started prepping Niall’s entrance, leaving a Niall trying to hold in whimpering screams. He didn’t want to reveal what he and Harry were doing in hiding, in a locked dressing room, backstage. Backstage on their first tour concert.


Niall felt fingers slip into his tight hole. He couldn’t resist letting out a whimper, arching his back. Harry smiled, loving the sight of his lover squirming around on the couch. Niall felt Harry penis against his butt cheek, then pressing against his hole. Niall held his breath, never had something felt so foreign. He felt expansion in his lower region, setting floods of severe pain threw his stomach, all up his spine. But the pain didn’t overcome the pleasure. Niall let himself go, meeting Harry’s gentle hip thrusts. “You like that?” Harry whispered, gripping one of Niall’s blonde locks. “I-I sure do”, Niall stuttered. Harry already felt heat coil in his stomach and knew he was soon gonna climax, so he pulled out and turned Niall around, taking him by surprise. “Oh, you wanna change it up, huh?” Niall grinned, positioning him comfortably on his muscled back.


Harry stood between Niall’s legs, pulling his feet up to his shoulders. He then again started passionately thrusting, hitting Niall’s spot every time. Niall cried with every thrust, mostly with delight. Harry now could not hold back. He thrusted harder all through his orgasm, sobbing with enjoyment. Niall felt Harry’s warm fluid filling him up. That feeling pushed Niall over the edge, coming over his own stomach and Harry’s. White ribbons of white covered them both. Harry collapsed onto Niall. “That was so much better than Zayn”, his smooth voice whispered into Niall’s ear with a cheeky smirk.


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