Battlefield 3. Get your head in the game.


2. Black out.

"Ghost you there," coming from goose and the rest of the squad. "Yea, just a little banged up that's all." 

"Ethan, get up we're heading out." Ethan got up, checked how much ammo he had left. Great, all he had was one mag for his G36C and two shots left in his pistol. "Screw it," he said and moved up with ghost and maverick to meet up with the rest of the team. All he could hear was the distant sound of gun fire and the odd BANG of the tank.

"Ethan, across the road, x-ray. You see him." "Yea." "Well, do you have a silencer. If so take him out." "Thwop" and the x-ray was down on the ground. Dam it one shot left with pistol. Ghost radioed to the team " two clicks from meet up." Then nothing, just silence. Ghost had feared all along that the Russians would have stuffed up the communication.

"Dam the Russians have us BO (blacked out) so now it's all up to the three of us to get there."

They headed out two clicks from the meet up ,and at a click away they could see the flares of the meet up. They had met Charlie squad at this moment, where they then resupplied and headed through to the meet up.


They got there just in time. The helicopter was about to leave as they got on. It wasn't over yet though.

As they got in the air the pilot said "when we get three clicks from our current position, you have to jump."

they rigged up and jumped just as the pilot said. The base wasn't far from here now only a half a click away...

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