Meant To Be.

When Rachel Brooks saw Justin Bieber wandering out in the streets of Stratford, Canada, she knew he was on the wrong track and as the train came Rachel knew what she had to do... As their love for each other starts to grow they'll go through a lot of good and bad things. This is a story that will continue forever.


1. Just Getting started.


I can't believe it I said to myself while checking him out.

I can't believe after all these years, I guess this was meant to be.

Should I? I don't know letting the insecurity press me.

I mean does he miss me? Does he even think of me? Does he remember me?

I hope so I replied to myself while I was shaking my head. 

Why am I talking to myself? GOOO! You have to say hello, at least since he's not expecting it.

I was on the other side of the street and followed him.

He was listening to some music with his earphones. Oh God I don't want to interrupt him.

But as I walked toward him I saw the red light become green and the worst part was, he didn't know. 

I saw the train coming closer and closer and I was so scared so I ran at him and pushed him away.

The train hit the tip of my foot but it was nothing serious. Justin grabbed me up and thanked me right after he was swearing.

I cried and hugged him. I was trying to think positive but I can't imagine my life without him. It was hard for me to not break. Get your shit together girl I said to myself and looked him in the eyes. He looked in mine too.

His eyes were so brown and precious. The hazel/caramel color suited him. He was so flawless.

He checked me out and tried to recognize me but nothing came to his mind.

Rachels P.O.V.

Justin: Hi uhm thank you so much, have I seen you before?

Rachel: Your welcome sweetie and uhm yes.

Justin: Where? At a M&G or something?

Rachel: *singing *The way you look tonight*

Justin: OH MY GOD!!!?!?!!?? Rachel????

Rachel: YES!!! I missed you so much Justin.

Justin: Oh dear Lord, I missed you even more! I can't believe that after 6 years we meet again, it's unbelievable. You look pretty good though.

Rachel: *blushing* Aww thanks, same to you. But it was you who didn't call...

Justin: That's because I lost your number, and I couldn't find you anywhere.

Rachel: Seriousy? Thank God. I thought you hated me and didn't want anything to do with me.

Justin: But why didn't you call? You still had my number.

Rachel: Well, I was scared because you just got signed and I didn't want to remind you of the times you know we spent together.. I did it for you.

Justin: well look where we are now *smiling.

Justin's P.O.V.

She was so beautiful, she had changed so much. She got skinnier and more tan. And it also feels great seeing her right now especially since me and Selena broke up. I need a friend. *looking sad*

Rachel: what is it darling?

Justin: Uhmm it's nothing it's just really great to see you *fakes a smile*.

Rachel's P.O.V.

Why is he sad? It's not my business anyway.

Rachel: So uhm I was gonna get some coffee at Starbucks.. Wanna join me?

Justin: Ofc *smiling* 

Justin's P.O.V.

What is it I asked her?

Rachel: What if the paparazzi sees us? They will turn things ugly for you. And your with Selena now.

Justin: Actually we broke up that's why I'm sad as you can see.

Rachel: "omg my poor baby" She said teasing me. What happened please tell me while we're going?

Justin: I found out she only used me for my money. *looks down trying not to break*

Rachel: *gets one step closer me* *cups my head* Why? You are so wonderful? She asked me while she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life.

Justin: I...I..I don't know.

*she is so peaceful and I feel like I can trust her. She kissed my forehead gently and held my hand while we had some meters left on our way to Starbucks. She was wearing skinny jeans with a white T-shirt saying peace with her new converse.

Rachel: So why are you here?

Justin: I'm taking a break. I was gonna meet Ryan and Chaz but I can meet them later.

Rachel: Oh, I hope I'm not bothering you *gently taking away her hand off mine. 

Justin: No. No not at all. I love being with you *Rachel blushes* 

Rachel: Aw I love being with you too.

I intertwined our fingers together again and there we were. At Starbucks. We got ourselves a private room where no one could see us. You know so the fans wouldn't scream and jump at me. I loved looking at her while she was talking, her lips were so rosy and pretty to look at. I wasn't even listening to what she said.

Rachel's P.O.V.

I felt like he didn't hear what I said but it was okay. Then I quit talking and he just stared at me and I stared at him. He was getting closer and closer and I knew we were gonna kiss but as soon as the door got open I jumped back in my chair. The butler^^ asked us if we wanted anything and I went out to get something for us. I knew Justin likes the "Seattle Latte" and i bought him a brownie as well. 

I came back to him with the things and smiled at him, he smiled back.

So how much do I owe you? I started to giggle. 

Justin: What is it?

Rachel: Honey, first of all when you're with me you don't have to pay for anything understand? I knew this killed him. He didn't like this. But I don't care. I like paying for the people who are with me.

Justin's P.O.V.

I hated it. I mean I'm much richer and I have 500 £ in my pocket. She said the same thing when we had a date about six years ago when we had a little thing going on between us.

After the date-ish thing I followed her home and she had a pretty big home. It was white full of roses in the yard.

I liked the place. She kissed my cheek and let go of my hand and asked me if I wanted to do something tomorrow and I couldn't deny it. It was a pleasure talking to her and making her blush.

Justin: So.. Same time tomorrow?

Rachel: You got it. At Starbucks?

Justin: See you there then *blowing a kiss*.


: Hi I'm new to this page, but I've read some stories.

I got inspired by quite a lot of authors in here. Uhm.. I accept every kind of comment. And I hope some of you will read my story. I'm gonna keep writing about Rachel and Justin" till I die. I'm not planning on writing stories about other characters.

Some of the chapters are about the dreams I've had about Justin and my life with him. There is no ending. I'm gonna continue all the way to their marriage if it will happen and if they'll have kids so stay online and favorite so you know when I'm updating a new chapter. 

I want to write them down because it will be a memory. This one was a dream I had but I edited a lot of it though. So thanks for reading, I love you and I hope you liked this chapter. Follow me on Twitter: @BieberAcoustics. #hardcorebelieber


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