Meant To Be.

When Rachel Brooks saw Justin Bieber wandering out in the streets of Stratford, Canada, she knew he was on the wrong track and as the train came Rachel knew what she had to do... As their love for each other starts to grow they'll go through a lot of good and bad things. This is a story that will continue forever.


2. Breakfast.

Rachel's P.O.V.

I woke up with a smile on my face, knowing I was gonna meet Justin later.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I splashed some water in my face then walked back to my room.

I put on a floral skirt, a white Ce`line T-shirt, a denim jacket and a pair of beige converse.

My mother was on work so I made myself some breakfast, when the table was full of food, the doorbell rang.

It was Justin, he looked SOO hot and then he gave me a smirk.

Rachel: But weren't we gonna meet at Starbucks? 

Justin: Well, today I want to do something special.

Rachel: Like what?

Justin: Watch a movie, if that's okay?

Rachel: Of course, that would be nice.

Justin giggled and said "good".

He knew I was staring at his abs.


"So are you gonna let come inside?" he said while I say yes like a monkey baby who just had a nightmare.

I swallowed my uncomfterableness and walked right behind him right after I closed the door.

Justin: So I see you made breakfast for us.

Rachel: Actually, Uhm....Yes I did. I said then gave him a weak smile.

Justin sat down and we started to eat.

"Nice, all my favorite things are on the table" he said.

I smiled and enjoyed everything. I know we are just friends but I want him so bad. I want to continue on where it ended six years ago. But then I realized he just got out of a relationship and he probably doesn't even trust girls anymore.

Rachel: So what movie are we gonna watch?

Justin: If it's okay I'm taking you to a romantic movie called "Perfect two". 

Rachel: Oh, okay I heard about that movie. Amanda Seyfried is the main character right? 

Justin: Yes, I think so.

Rachel: But what if anyone sees us?

Justin: That's why I rented the whole room.

Omg, PERFECT! Since it's a romantic movie, i'm gonna make him fall in love with me.

Justin: Is that okay? 

Rachel: That's perfect.

Justin: Are you ready to go?

Rachel: Yes, yes I am. 

I'm so excited. I have a lot in mind. Justin is so gonna fall in love with me.

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