Guilty Pleasures

Alice 'Al' Clarkson is just a regular teenage girl, that is until her mum goes missing. Her dad finds out her mum has secret and leaves Al to fend for herself, that is until a (not so strange) stranger breaks down outside her house, and doesn't have the number for a garage. One knock, on one door and 2 people's lives change, for the better? Perhaps. But what happens when Al becomes best friends with Louis and Harry gets jealous. Will friendships stay friendships, when relationships get serious?


I picked up my hairdryer from my dressing table and walked downstairs, to where the big mirror is. I plugged it in and turned it on, about half of my hair was dry, and then there was a knock at the door. I switched the hairdryer off and skipped to open then door, I felt happy this morning, I don't know why, but I was buzzing. I opened my front door and was met with a mop of curls, green eyes, and and cheesy grin,
"Hello Miss, erm do you know of any garages nearby that I can call, my car has broken down?" he said politely.


6. Work

I walked quickly down the road towards the pub, I stepped into the car-park, and looked up at the sign:

The White Lion Inn.

"Is this what is destined to happen to me, for the rest of my life?" I thought to myself, I don't know if I could go for the rest of my life, waitressing in a pub, it's just so boring. I walked inside and straight into the back lounge where all the other waiters and waitresses were. I walked in and went straight over to the office in the corner, my boss, Lucy, was also my best friend, I knocked on the window in the door and waited until Lucy shouted come in. We did it this way, every time I wanted to talk to Lucy, because she isn't allowed to show favourites, although, I know that I am her favourite really. I strolled in and headed straight for the hooks on the wall, I hung up my bag and my jacket and grabbed my apron, putting it round my front, crossing it at the back and tying at the front. I picked up my notepad and pen and put them into the pocket of my apron, then headed over to sit in one of the bean-bag cushions to the side of Lucy's desk.

"Well hello to you too!" Lucy said.

"Aha, hello, guess what?!" I exclaimed.

"I don't care, because unless it means that I can marry Niall Horan, I'm not interested." She sighed.

"Well, it might get you to meet him and then it's up to him what happens."

"WHAT!? PLEASE EXPLAIN." Lucy shouted.

"So, I was drying my hair, and there was a knock at the door, i went to answer it and guess who was stood there? Oh, only HARRY-FLIPPING-STYLES, so anyway, his car had broken down, so I called Uncle Tim and he asked me if I could tell Harry what was wrong with his car, so I did, and then Harry hugged me and whispered in my ear that i should meet him after work and then he gave me his phone number!" I shouted excitedly into Lucy's face.

"NO WAY! OMG! SO YOU'RE GOING TO MEET HIM, YEAH?" She shouted determindly.

"I dunno if I should..." I sighed.

"Why not?" Lucy asked me, a little more calm now.

"Well, I have baggage and I'm sure he doesn't want a girl with such a history." I said quietly.

"That is rubbish!" Lucy shouted "If he doesn't know about or like your baggage then, he's obviously not right for you, just go on one date and maybe you'll change your mind. Just remember, you don't have to tell him everything on your first date, unless he asks, okay?" she told me.

"You know what Luce? I will, I'll call him after shift and sort out some details, thank you Lucy, you're really the best, best friend and manager EVER!" I laughed.

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