Guilty Pleasures

Alice 'Al' Clarkson is just a regular teenage girl, that is until her mum goes missing. Her dad finds out her mum has secret and leaves Al to fend for herself, that is until a (not so strange) stranger breaks down outside her house, and doesn't have the number for a garage. One knock, on one door and 2 people's lives change, for the better? Perhaps. But what happens when Al becomes best friends with Louis and Harry gets jealous. Will friendships stay friendships, when relationships get serious?


I picked up my hairdryer from my dressing table and walked downstairs, to where the big mirror is. I plugged it in and turned it on, about half of my hair was dry, and then there was a knock at the door. I switched the hairdryer off and skipped to open then door, I felt happy this morning, I don't know why, but I was buzzing. I opened my front door and was met with a mop of curls, green eyes, and and cheesy grin,
"Hello Miss, erm do you know of any garages nearby that I can call, my car has broken down?" he said politely.


5. Tim (of Timothy Motors)

I hadn't seen Tim since I was about 15, because when I got to that age, I kind of lost interest in cars, and stopped going to the garage to see him, whenever my dad's car needed fixing. He had fairly short, ginger hair, that was spiked up at the front, he was about 30 years old, just a little bit younger than my dad.

"Ew, Tim, get off me, I'm in my work clothes, you'll get them dirty!" I shouted as I realised that he was wearing his old, red overalls that were covered in grease, oil, and just dirt in general.

"I'm sorry Ally, but I'm just so happy to see my only God-Daughter!" he shouted, as he released me from his grasp; yes, that's right, Tim (of Timothy Motors) is my God-Father.

"I suppose, if that's the case, then alright." I laughed, as he enveloped me into a hug one again, this time squeezing me a little too tightly and lifting me off of the floor in the process. He slowly set me back on my feet as I remembered that he wasn't here to see me. He was here for Harry's car.

"Harry!" I called out, "Your mechanic is here." Harry quickly appeared in the doorway of my living room, and walked down the corridor, towards where me and Tim were stood. He and Tim shook hands and headed outside towards Harry's car, which was parked across the road. I quickly checked my phone for the time, 10:40, it's only a 5 minute walk to work, so I decided that I would join them outside; where they were looking into the bonnet of the car.

"Ahhh, Al, come here a second and see if you can tell me what's wrong with this fine car?" I walked toward where they were stood, and peered into the bonnet of the brand new black Range Rover Sport,

"Well, for starters Harry, you need a new exhaust, I saw that, just from walking across the road, it's in pieces on the floor. And secondly, from looking at the engine, you need to replace your spark plugs, be sure to put some Anti Seize onto them before you unplug, they'll come out much easier. Oh! And you must disconnect your battery before you start because otherwise, you'll be electrocuted. And your fans won't be happy about that will they Mr Styles?" I asked, turning to look at Harry. His eyes were wide and he looked shocked.

"That's my girl, see you've not forgotten it have you?" Tim shouted, proudly. I laughed.

"I've got to go to work now though, I'll see you later, Uncle Tim." I walked back over to where Harry was stood, he was still in shock at my knowledge of car engines. "I'm going to work now Harry, I'll probably never see you again, so goodbye." I told him. Before I could register what was happening, Harry had engulfed me into a tight hug.

"Meet me again tonight, when you finish work, you can tell me allllll about what's wrong with my car." He whispered into my ear. We pulled away, he looked at me questioningly, then sighed, "You don't have to decide now, so..." he opened the car door, and got in, seconds later he came out of the car with a piece of paper, "'s my number, call me when you decide." I nodded my head and walked away in the direction of the pub where I work.

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