Guilty Pleasures

Alice 'Al' Clarkson is just a regular teenage girl, that is until her mum goes missing. Her dad finds out her mum has secret and leaves Al to fend for herself, that is until a (not so strange) stranger breaks down outside her house, and doesn't have the number for a garage. One knock, on one door and 2 people's lives change, for the better? Perhaps. But what happens when Al becomes best friends with Louis and Harry gets jealous. Will friendships stay friendships, when relationships get serious?


I picked up my hairdryer from my dressing table and walked downstairs, to where the big mirror is. I plugged it in and turned it on, about half of my hair was dry, and then there was a knock at the door. I switched the hairdryer off and skipped to open then door, I felt happy this morning, I don't know why, but I was buzzing. I opened my front door and was met with a mop of curls, green eyes, and and cheesy grin,
"Hello Miss, erm do you know of any garages nearby that I can call, my car has broken down?" he said politely.


7. Orders

I walked out of the back lounge, ready to take my final order,

"Alice, table nine!" Lucy shouted from her office.

"Okay!" I called back, I walked over the where table nine was positioned, looking down at my apron, and pulling out my notepad and pen. When I reached the table, I began to talk,

"Are you ready for me to take your order yet, or would you like a little more time?" I asked politely, finally looking up from my apron, only to be met with the same mop of brown curls, and green eyes that had been at my door this morning, and four other boys, that just so happened to be the rest of One Direction.

"I think we need a few more minutes, there's so much that looks so nice!" Niall piped up from his seat. 'Thank Goodness' I thought to myself, now I have time to go into Lucy's office and shout at her for not telling me who was sat at that particular table, I mean, she obviously knew!

"Maybe you could give us some recommendations?" Harry asked looking up at me from his seat which I was still stood right next to. Damn! That's my chance blown, I'm gonna have to talk to Lucy later.

"Of course I can boys," I replied, as polite as ever, "The Steak and Ale Pie is always a favourite of mine, and also the steaks themselves are really good!" I continued. "Do you want me to start taking your orders now? I can come to you last if you'd like?" I asked Niall, he nodded his head in agreement. "Okay, what can I get you?" I looked at Louis,

"I'll have a Sirloin steak, please."

"Would you like chips, and peas with that?"

"Yes please."

"And how would you like it cooked?"

"Medium please."

"Any sauces?"

"Can I have some pepper sauce with it please." He smiled at me, I nodded. I took Liam and Zayn's order, and then I got to Harry, he tilted his head at the menu then looked at me,

"Can you come back to me please Al?"

"Sure." I replied.

"What can I get you then?" I asked Niall.

"Please can I have the grilled chicken in garlic sauce, with mushrooms and chips?" He asked politely.

"Of course you can Sir," I replied, and then moved back round to where Harry was sat.

"What would you like Sir?" I asked him.

"Hmm, I would like to try the Steak and Ale Pie, as you speak so highly of it, Al."

I wrote it down and smiled up at them.

"Your meals will be here shortly." I picked up Louis' menu and walked around the circular table, going from Louis to Liam to Zayn to Niall and then finally back to Harry, he held the menu up in the air, ready for me to collect, just like the other boys, but he, unlike them, kept a firm grip of his menu when I came to take it.

"So, have you thought about giving me that phone call yet, cutie?" he whispered.

"Well, Harry, if you let go of the menu, I might ring you." I whispered back, trying to keep the conversation quiet and away from the other four boys and the rest of the pub, who all seemed to be oblivious to it anyway.

"Promise?" Harry asked me.

"Okay." I replied as he released the leather-bound menu from his grip.

"Well, I'll be waiting." He smiled cheekily.

I walked away, and into the kitchen, handing the order to the chef, then walked straight back out again, and next door into the back lounge, and into Lucy's office. She was casually sat looking through some papers, with her glasses on. She looked up when I walked in, a grin playing at her lips.

"How can I help you Alice?" She asked, as she burst into laughter.

"It's not funny Lucy!" I whined.

"Oh I think it is Al, anyway, it wasn't up to me, Harry specifically asked for you to be his waitress, how could I deny him his request?" She looked at me. I looked back at her and gave her dead eyes, then walked out of her office, I wasn't mad at her, just a little embarrassed, and I'm sure she knows that. I walked back out of the lounge and into the kitchen,

"Ally, your order's up." Kem, the chef shouted, from behind the stove.

"Thanks Kem." I called back. I picked up three of the meals, but couldn't manage the other two,

"Meg, you wanna help serve One Direction?" I asked my fellow waitress, Megan.


"Great, grab those two meals there, and follow me through to table nine." I answered. I walked out of the kitchen, with Megan following close behind. When we reached the table, I looked at Megan as she called out what was on the plates.

"Grilled Chicken?" she asked, Niall stuck his hand up in the air, with a huge grin on his face, as he saw the meal that was coming his way.

"and the Sirloin?" she questioned professionally.

"Me please." Louis answered her question. Megan put the plate down, just as I had put down Liam and Zayn's, I didn't need to call out what were on the plates, as I had remembered what they had ordered, all that was left was Harry's Steak and Ale Pie. I put Harry's meal down on his place-mat, making sure that I didn't spill it.

"Thank you so much Al." He said cheekily as I put my tea-towel over my shoulder.

"You're very welcome Sir, now can I get you guys any drinks?" I questioned politely not reacting to what Harry was doing as he took my tea-towel off my shoulder and laid it across his lap.

"Can we have 5 pints of Budweiser please?" Louis called from across the table, I grabbed my pad and pen and wrote it down.

"Sure, I'll be back with those in two minutes." I smiled at them and walked towards the bar. I passed the order to the barman, Mike. 

"You look like you've got your hands full there Ally." He laughed, I rolled my eyes and then started to laugh with him.

"Yeah, a little bit," I laughed "Mike, can you pass me a clean tea-towel please?" I smiled after we'd finished laughing.

"Sure." He passed me the towel and then poured the boys' drinks. I put them on a tray an carried them over to the table, and started handing one to each of the boys. As I placed Harry's on his drink mat, I grabbed the old tea-towel, which he had placed on the table. And smirked at him as he realised what I had done, he winked at me and I walked off into Lucy's office. As I walked in, I noticed that she wasn't there; I walked round to the back of her desk and there was a note:

Hey Al! So I've decide to take the evening off work, you're in charge until tomorrow morning! It's a Sunday so we close at 3pm anyway, you need to make sure that all of the lights are off, the toilets are empty, and the mats and cutlery are set out for tomorrow's shift. Set the alarm and close the shutters! But enough about work - make sure you give Harry a call and see if you can go out sometime! Sorry about springing that surprise on you today, but he's Harry Styles so I couldn't deny him his one request of a certain Alice Clarkson as a waitress. Anyway have fun! Love you lots! Lucy x

I looked at my watch and it was 2:45pm. Great. I was supposed to finish at 1 today, but I guess my orders just didn't come in quick enough (we have to take a certain amount of orders each day). I groaned and walked back out of the office,

"Only 15 minutes left" I thought to myself, and plastered that smile (the one that is required for a job in waitressing) back onto my face. I headed straight back over to the boys table as it looked like they had just about finished.

"Was everything alright for you?" I ask politely as they swallow their last few mouthfuls.

"OH MY GOSH, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!" Niall shouted, "can we get desserts!?" Niall questioned the other four lads, rather desperately.

"I'm not sure Niall, we don't have much time until we need to leave for the show." Louis answered, and Niall's face dropped, he began pretending to cry into Zayn's shoulder and he pretended to comfort him. "Sorry man." Louis said apologetically.

"Can we have the bill then Al?" Harry asks looking up at me, with a sweet smile on his face.

"Sure." I smile back at him. I walk into the kitchen, grab the order and head to the bar, where we work out prices, once the total was worked out, I folded up the bill and put it on a plate along with five Chuppa Chups. I walked back over to their table and placed it in the middle, "If you need any assistance, then just give me a shout." I smiled, they all smiled back.

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