Better Than Expected

With one bump, Ana's life could change. Ana and Michaela didn't expect anything to happen. Anyways, Their just going shopping.


16. Why Me?

I was walking around Boston seriously, it felt kinda good being by myself. It was good until I bumped into him. Why was it him? From everyone it could be, it was him.

"Hi," he spoke. He made my heartbreak. 

"Hi," I didn't make any eye contact. 

"Listen I was-"

"It's over Michael. You can't fix it." I spoke as I was walking away. I just was shocked that it was him. I didn't know what to do so I decided to text Michaela. I reached inside my pocket but it wasn't there. I must have dropped it when I bumped into Michael. I walked back to find it but it wasn't there. I decided to just go home because Michael probably took it so he could talk to me.

I walked up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. It's good that I live on the fourth floor. As I was walking up the stairs I saw Alice. Alice and I used to be bestfriends until I found out that Michael cheated on me with her. Yes you heard it right, Michael cheated on me with Alice my ex-bestfriend. She gave me a death stare and then smirked. I felt like crying because I couldn't believe that Ailce my so called "best friend" was going out with my ex. 


"Ana it's going to be okay." Michaela said as she tried to cheer me up.

"Yeah I'll grow old and be single and have ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I'll have a hundred cats." I said inbetween sobs. 

"It won't be like that, you'll get married, have kids, have a job, and be happy."

"Ha, yeah right."

"I'm serious Ana."

"I need air. I'll be back in a half an hour."

"Alright have fun."


"Hey Ana. Listen I'm really sor-"

"I don't care Michael."

"Alright, but I'm-"


"No, Ana wait."

At that point I was running away from him. It's a good thing I did track. I didn't care about his apology. I didn't want to talk to him or seen him, or even remember him. I looked back to see him catch up to me. I ran faster.

"Ana please."

"I can't Michael and you know that."

"Please just let me explain." 

"No Michael." He grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him. Then he kissed me. I pulled away. 

"Michael please." 

"Sorry," he whispered and walked away. I just couldn't take anything anymore so I just wen back. I didn't tell Michaela. I couldn't. 

*End of flashback*  

I couldn't do this. Michaela was home and I couldn't show up crying then she would ask me a bunch of questions. So I guess I had to go back and walk. While I was walking I saw Michael. I turned back and started walking fast. I felt something grab my arm. I turned around. Great. 

I took a deep breath, "hi Michael," I fake smiled. Why did it have to be him. AGAIN.  
"So, you dropped your phone"

"Yup. I did," he reached in his pocket and gave me my phone. 



"So how have you been?"

"I've been better " I said he nodded with a frown. 

"Are you doing anything later?" he asked, he had hope in his eyes.

 "I'm not sure I think I'm not doing anything," stupid stupid Ana.

 "Is it ok if we can hang out and catch up," he asked. oh no! WHY! Well, I cant say no then hell start bothering me . We can't go to my house because something might happen and we can't been seen in public because of the paparazzi. Great. 
 "Sure" I fake smiled again. Is it Friday the 13th because today is bad luck for me. 


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