Better Than Expected

With one bump, Ana's life could change. Ana and Michaela didn't expect anything to happen. Anyways, Their just going shopping.


4. What?!?!

That night, I slept over Michaela's. We actually went shopping after they left. It was fun. We dressed up and we actually spent an hour in one store. Only because it had 3 floors. 

When we arrived to  Michaela's, we ate dinner, then we went upstairs to her room. We went on twitter. I went on mine and she went on hers. I had about 1,000 follower requests. One of them was Harry Styles. I accepted it. Then I went on his account. I saw that he posted the picture of us and had a caption saying "Had fun with my girl! @AnaCampbell" I quickly showed it to Michaela.

"Aw Harry likes you Ana."

"Ya right."

"Okay the explain to me why the caption says MY girl?!" Michaela asked me while I started to blushed, "Thought so!" Michaela loves love stories and I bet she loves mine and Harry's. But we don't have one, right?

"Um, Ana if I were you I wouldn't read those comments." Michaela warned me.

"Why?" I asked

"Just don't." 


@Destheprincess: Find your own guy bitch this one is taken!

@Oneandonlyhazzasgirl: Um... What the hell are YOU doing with MY man?

@Fiveguysandoneme: @AnaCampbell You're such a slut! I don't even know why Harry chose YOU and not ME!


I read them, I couldn't help it. There was so much more than three, but I couldn't handle the rest. Tears started to come out of my eyes. I blinked fast hoping no more would come out, but more did. Michaela hugged me and told me that they were all just jealous. She also showed me the sweet tweets.


@CatherineStyles: @AnaCampbell @Harry_Styles You two are the CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!! Love you guys! #AnaandHarryforever #Hana or #Arry

@Elounor4evea: @Harry_Styles If you and @AnaCampbell are not dating yet, THEN ASK HER OUT ALREADY!!!! I'll be waiting! #AnaandHarryforever #Hana #Arry 

@Heyitsellie: The lovebirds need to post a pic of them two KISSING! #HarryneedstokissAna #Arryalltheway #Hanaalltheway

@Angiesays: Angie says that if you two are not a couple yet be ONE! Oh and post a pic of you two kissing to prove it too! ;) #harrykissana


I felt better reading those even tho we weren't a couple. I don't know if likes me yet. Or if I like him. 

"So, people sure want you two to be a couple."

"Ha ya I know."

"So how do you want to be in a relationship with Harry?" Michaela asked. 

"I'm not sure."

"Oh..." It all went silent after that. 


I heard a buzz on my phone. It was a text. 

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