Better Than Expected

With one bump, Ana's life could change. Ana and Michaela didn't expect anything to happen. Anyways, Their just going shopping.


12. Was It Just A Dream Or Reality?

I felt like shit after the party. I woke up and went to eat breakfast, but before I left the bed, I smelt blueberry pancakes. Was Michaela making them? I checked the time time and it was 11:45 a.m. and I was still in bed? Why didn't Michaela wake me up? Anyways, I pulled the covers over my head and wore my slippers. I stood up and went to open the door. I walked out the door and right into the living room which lead to the kitchen. But I saw someone standing there and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Harry.

"Um, Hi?"

"Hey, um Ana," Harry grabbed my hand. "Is it okay if we can go for a walk?" Oh no! This didn't sound good. I already knew what was going to happen to me. Harry was going to break up with me because one, he was only doing it for publicity, two, he was going to break up with me because he wasn't good at long distance relationships, or three, my WORST nightmare, he found another girl. Yeah it might be stupid, but that's what Michael did to me and I don't want that to happen again. Plus how long is he here for? Probably only til today. Maybe he wants to break up with me because he wants to meet other girls. I really didn't know what was happening all I wanted to do is watch the Titanic and eat ice cream the whole day in sweat pants and a huge sweater.          

"Um..." It was a long pause. I really was stuck, I wanted to lie SO BAD but I just couldn't. It's like that quote "sooner is better" so I guess I just had to say yes. Plus, he was starring at me, "sure but I'm gonna change and eat. Is that okay?" Wait! No! No! No! I hope it's not what I thought it would be! I mean he looked nervous, oh yeah! Don't let me forget to mention his hands were sweaty and kinda shaking.

"Oh, yeah. That's fine." I left up to my room which was only through the living room. I slammed the door shut. I decided to text Michaela to see why she wasn't here, how Harry came in, if she let him in, and why he wants to bring me to the park. I wore my jean shorts the ones from the day we meet you know, just in case anything happens. I wore Michaela Beatles shirt. I got my phone off the charger and quickly messaged Michaela.

To Michaela:

Why in the funking world is Harry here? And why does he want to bring me to the park?!    

I checked my phone every minute. Five minutes passed. No answer from Michaela so I decided to put my phone in my pocket and walked out the door and into the living room. 

"I'm ready, lets go," I said in a meanish annoyedish tone.



We were walking in the park. 

"So why did you want to bring me to the park?" I asked.

"Listen Ana," He started, "I really like you and you're amazing but I don't-"

"Save it. It's okay. I already saw it coming. Bye Harry." I walked the different direction from him but I didn't walk slow I was speed walking.


As soon as I got home, I was in tears. I also saw Michaela and Liam sitting on the couch giggling.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I yelled at Liam.

"Calm down Ana! Just because your heart is broken because Harry dumped you doesn't mean that you have the right to take it out on Liam and I!" Michaela yelled at me.

"How the hell did you know that Harry broke up with me?!" I yelled back.

"It's all over the news," What?! "here's the magazine." Michaela handed me a magazine. I got the magazine and went to my room and slammed the door shut. 

POP Magazine 

Harry Styles dumps Ana Campbell?

We recently saw Harry Styles member of One Direction have dinner with Cara Delevingne. They left the restaurant holding hands and smiling (picture shown below). Does this mean that Harry doesn't like Ana anymore because of Cara? Tell us what you think at

If you have any pictures or information about any celebrities contact us at

I ripped up the magazine and laid down on the bed and put the covers over my head. I just wanted the whole day to end.  


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