Better Than Expected

With one bump, Ana's life could change. Ana and Michaela didn't expect anything to happen. Anyways, Their just going shopping.


10. The Big Kiss?

Do I want to kiss Harry? Yes but I can't. I mean I did in the car but, it's a lot of pressure. Plus, I don't think we're even a couple. Yes I like him and yes he did kiss me in the car but I don't know what's going to happen between us. Does he think that we're a couple? Does he think that I think that we're a couple? The thing is that I'm just confused. I want to kiss him so bad, I really do, but I just can't. What if this is just a game to him? What if I'm just the girl from Boston then when they go on tour I'll ask him what about us? Then he'll probably just say that it never would have worked out anyways. I don't want to be the other girl anymore. I just couldn't kiss him even tho his lips were like soft pink marshmallows. I just can't kiss him. I just can't. But I want to! But I can't! No. Yes. No! Yes! 


"So are you guys gonna kiss or what?" Zayn asked. Harry smirked again and I just blushed again.

"Should we?" Harry whispered in my ear.

"Do you want to?" I whispered back.

"It doesn't matter to me."

"They won't stop asking for it so lets just get over it," I whispered, but secretly I wanted to kiss him.

"So are you guys gonna kiss?" Zayn asked again.

"Yes. Harry, let us show the fans what they have been waiting for?!"

"Okay! Here you go guys!"

I realized that our lips were touching. It was just a kiss but it was effective.  

"Ooh Harold and Ana kissed!" Louis said like a kindergartner. After he said that, Harry and I pushed away from the kiss. We both giggled. Louis read out the tweets that their fans tweeted.

@Angiesays: Omg! That was perfect! @Harry_Styles @AnaCampbell

@1dsbiggestfan: It's about time you two kissed in public! @Harry_Styles @AnaCampbell

@Californiagirlslove1d: @Harry_Styles @AnaCampbell that kiss was amazing! 

@Lizzie336: You two are the cutest couple ever! And that kiss was amazing! @Harry_Styles @AnaCampbell

"Well I think that will close the twitcam! Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!" Liam spoke to the camera. 


I woke up. But not at Michaela and mine's apartment (yes Michaela and I share an apartment). It was familiar. White walls, grey sheets, clothes on the floor. I heard a knock on the door.

"Are you awake?" A British accent asked me while he was opening the door.

"Yeah, I just woke up."

"Come eat some breakfast."

"Okay I'm coming." I forgot that I had fallen asleep at their hotel. I guess I was just tired.

When I sat down, Harry sat to the right of me, Louis sat to the left of me, Liam sat across Louis, Zayn sat across Harry, their drummer Josh sat at one end of the table and their security Paul sat at the other side. Everyone was talking. I realized that Niall was sitting across from me and he had 6 pancakes on his plate. All I can say is wow, that boy can eat. I started at him and then the pancakes and then him and then the pancakes.

"Problem?" Niall interrupt my staring.

I shook my head, "oh, what? No." 



"Oh! I like that one!" Michaela pointed at the dark purple dress. 

"Yeah, that's cute," I really thought it was. Michaela and I were shopping. We went to 8 different stores to find a dress for Penelope's party. We heard it's going to be huge. People say that it's going to be the biggest party of the year. It's going to be a circus theme. But not like a child circus, more like grown up type of circus. 

"Should I wear that one?" I pointed at a black sparkly dress with one sleeve. 

"Oh that's perfect for you!" 

"Ha, thanks!" We both went to our apartment to get ready for the party. Yes we did go shopping the day of the party. But we started shopping at 9 a.m. and now it's 5 p.m. so we spent about 6 and a half hours to shop. You have to count breakfast and lunch. Plus Michaela and I are slow shoppers. 

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