Better Than Expected

With one bump, Ana's life could change. Ana and Michaela didn't expect anything to happen. Anyways, Their just going shopping.


6. Meet Up?

From Harry:

Hey babe wanna meet up?


To Harry:

Ya sure lets go to Starbucks k?


From Harry:

K. See u in an hour? Xoxo


You want the truth? I didn't know if I wanted him or not. If he was going to become my boyfriend, then I don't think I would be ready. At least not for him.

I wore a blue lace dress with black vans. When I got there the place was crowded. I called him and he told a guy named Paul to get me in. I guess he was their bodyguard. 

"Hey babe!" Harry said in a worried tone. I think it's because of the comments on twitter.

"Hey," I replied like I seemed tired.

"What's wrong babe?" Harry seemed to care.

"Oh, nothing I'm just tired." 

"Do you wanna go back to my place?"

"Sure," I replied, "but one question, is it like this all the time for you?"

"Yeah it is," Harry didn't seem happy, but we just left, "here wear those," Harry handed me sunglasses.

"Why," I asked looking at him with a weird face.

"So the camera flash doesn't get in your eyes." Aw he did care!

We walked out and before I could get out the door, a huge circle formed around Harry and I. Some people wanted me to sign stuff and wanted a picture of Harry, them, and me. But we just left without any contact to anyone. We got in the black limo and a bigger group of fans came up to the limo and knocked the windows. I took off my sunglasses and so did he. He gave me a kiss on the lips and before I knew it, we got to his hotel.   

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