on the way to school

hi my name is OLivia and my best friends are Emmas and Skyler. But i dont get to see skyler alot cause she doesnt go to my school but Emma on the other hand is in my class. I am the only girl at my bus stop on our way to school and i hate it. but what happens when 5 more guys come along with then manager Simon come along. what will her sister and her parents say what will olivias her family And friends. will her sister try to protect her or will she just want to get rid of them cause she doesnt like them.


3. intro

Hi my name is Skyler

i have 1 brother named Henry

my friends Emma and Olivia live about 40 minutes away

i play clairent and i swim

i used to have a cat but he died of old age so we are going to get a dog

i like the bands

One direction

bruno mars

the script and


i live with my parents

and i was born on


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