Well I'm inspired from health class to write a story where kids like any age are allowed to drink alcohol. So this is what I can up with. Ik Ik this is probably the weirdest story you will ever read



Darcy's POV 

       I'm 14 and I'm a total goodie 2 shoes. My parents completely adore me. I have them wrapped around my fingers. I walked up to my dad. I kissed him on the cheek and said "good morning daddy!" He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Good morning pumpkin!" I smiled and went over to my mom and hugged her. "Good morning mom!" I said and smiled. She smiled and hugged me back "good morning Darcy!". I say down at the table across from Taylor. We share a house we live on the third and fourth floor and they live on the bottom floors. We share the basement and the living room. Oh yeah and the kitchen. "What's up stink breath!" I say and look across at Taylor. His eyes were bloodshot and Aunt Sydney walked by and sat next to him. "Nothing dumb ass!" He says back and rolls his eyes. Aunt  Sydney looked at him and gave him a stare. He sunk in his chair and Liam out to put  breakfast on the table with daddy. "Thanks you Uncle Liam! Thanks daddy!" I said and swung my feet under the table. I looked down at my plate my favorite. Eggs, bacon, and orange juice. I grabbed a piece of bacon off my plate and nibbled on it. I love bacon. I finished my plate and got up from the table after asking "may I be excused?" And daddy said yes. I went into my bed room and laid on my side. I grabbed my book and re read the series I read 1000 times before. The hunger games series. I read my book and fell asleep.


Katie's POV 

        After a long day of cleaning I sat on the couch and looked at the clock. Dang it's already 3 am. I turned on the TV and watched The real housewives of Atlanta. Where's Harry i thought as I watched TV. Suddenly Harry walked through the door drunk. "HAROLD!" I yelled and helped him walk through the house. "It was a party babe!" He said and stroked my face. I let him go and he fell. "How many beers did you have?!" I asked angry. "Maybe 6!" He said and stumbled to the bathroom. I followed him holding him up making sure he didn't hurt himself. He got on his knees and threw up in the toilet maybe 7 times. "Harry you know you can't handle that much alcohol." I said as I cleaned him up. I undressed him and dragged him upstairs to the bedroom. "Harry you can't be getting drunk it influences Taylor and we don't Liam mad at you again!" I yelled crossing my arms. "I'm sorry baby I won't do it again!" He said and kissed my cheek. "I can't belive you Harold!" I said and fell back on the bed. He laid next to me and wrapped his arms around me. "Please don't do this to me Harry! I don't want Darcy getting drunk. This isn't like it used to be on tour Harry. You have a family to take care of. You can't be getting drunk and coming home at 3 am!"I said "Darcy's never going to do that babe Darcy's a good girl. She's almost 15 and she's a virgin who has never even tried alcohol babe she's fine." He said and stroked my hair. "Babe she might be lying to us! We never know like you said she's almost 15 and she's had like 2 boyfriends this year. We don't know everything that happens in her life. We can never know exactly whats going on in her life every second of the day!" I said "I'm sorry baby I love you I won't ever drink again okay?" He said. "Harry I'm not saying that u can't drink just dont get drunk!" I said and looked over at him he was asleep. He's going to have a horrible hangover in the morning. 

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