Well I'm inspired from health class to write a story where kids like any age are allowed to drink alcohol. So this is what I can up with. Ik Ik this is probably the weirdest story you will ever read


3. Darcys secrets and the hangover

Darcys pov I called up my bf as soon as I woke up I wanted him now! "Hey baby I love you and i wanna see u soon........they usually go to bed at like midnight....Omg really babe..okay i love you bye!" I said and hung up the phone. I walked out of my room and kissed my dad on the cheek "good morning" I said and he smelled like alcohol. "Moms whats up with dad?" I asked and my mom just ignored my Question. I missed Zackary Malik he's the only one who cares about me and he is the one I list my virginity to at 14 but my dad doesn't want me to be with him so they cant out about us. Y cant they just see that I love him. Harry pov Idk what happened last night but my head hurt like hell and Kate seemed mad at me. I kissed Kate on the cheek and said "how's my lovely wife?" And she snapped back "oh save it harold!" When she calls me Harold thats not a good sign. I kissed her cheek and sat down at the table eating my breakfast then leaving to go talk to her. Darcys pov "OMG ZACH WTF R U DOING HERE?!" I half yelled. "I didn't wanna be apart from u my lover!" He said and kossed me passionatley. I pulled away "if my dad catches me and u r dead!" I said and he kissed me again saying "they can't keep us apart!". I smiled and pulled out the box from under my bed and took out the cocaine we both did some and then we had sex in my closet so my parents wouldnt find out. Just like I wanted. I wanted him inside me and now he was. he grinned Into me hard and kissed my sweetspots. I moaned with pleasure. and then the door opened. I heard my dads voice but zach didnt stop my dad then opened the closet door and caught me and zach making love. He pushed zayns son out of the house and called zayn. I got dressed and cried in my room releasing we would be apart. my dad was pissed and little did IK hell was comig out.
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