My dads who's manager??

Brooke is just a normal teeneage apart from her dad is a manager, he gets new people every few years, so brooke is pretty used to meeting famous people but what happens when she has to leave the country her friends and her whole life behind...
This is mostly in Brooke's pov


30. Not just a normal girl!

*Harry pov*
Me and the boys were just lounging around in the front room of are hotel room and waiting to hear from brooke. All of a sudden the was a knock at the door and louis went to answer it, we couldnt see who was at the door but we heard him shout. He walked back in with Brooke, i was straight to my feet. She ran towards me and i picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my torso and her arms around my neck.I started kissing her, "Harry not infront of me please shes my little sister" louis said while covering his eyes, i just laughed and put her down and she hugged the rest of the boys.

*Brooke pov*
"Brooke, you have a big red hand print on your face, are you ok??" Niall asked, i nodded "I can look after myself dont worry thats all he did and pull my hair, he got a lot worse from me" they all laughed "Yeah right your a girl what can you do to stop a guy like him" zayn was laughing, i pulled him up by his arm "Ill show you, know go to punch me as hard as you can," hes ace dropped "what no im not hitting a girl" i luaghed "Your scared zayn just do it" so as he swung for me i did what i did to justin,I grabbedhis fist twisted it and put him to the floor in a matter of seconds, Luckily i didnt hurt him. "WOW, your not just a normal girl are you?" i shook my head "See thats why i didnt ask you boys to come because i can fight and i can take pain, im very well trained dont worry" i laughed they all just looked shocked and then louis ran at me and hugged me "Your like my little ninja sister" we all laughed and i could tell harry wanted to say something so i told him to and he just said "That was HOT!" i just blushed "Right well im going to freshen up, ill be back soon" i walked to mine and harrys room but i didnt know harry was following....

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