My dads who's manager??

Brooke is just a normal teeneage apart from her dad is a manager, he gets new people every few years, so brooke is pretty used to meeting famous people but what happens when she has to leave the country her friends and her whole life behind...
This is mostly in Brooke's pov


32. I will never hurt her!

*Louis pov*
I didnt like the fact Harry had seen Brooke in naked. I mean im not going to be happy she is my little sister after all. I know what Harry's like and i don't want him to hurt her at all, because then im torn between my best friend and my sister. "Harry can we go in the kitchen please we need to talk?" i asked and he nodded and walked into the kitchen. "Right Harry i know your not good at committing in relationships, so be careful please dont hurt her," I cared about her like i did my other sisters and the boys "Louis i would never hurt her she means the world to me, normally in a relationship i have we rush into sex and they mean nothing but your sister means so much to me,i could never do what ive done in other relationships, i love her so much we might only be dating a few days but i loved her since we met, so dont worry lou i wont hurt her i just coudnt do that to her, i honestly can see myself marrying that girl and having a family with her" i was honestly shocked by what came out of Harry's mouth "Wow Haz i didnt know you felt that way towards her i really am happy for you, i hope you are happy together" i smiled at him and took him into a brotherly hug. I really was happy for them "Im glad you feel that way about her, but hurt her Harry and i dont know what ill do but ill do something" We both just laughed, "I wont hurt boobear i promise" we hugged again and walked back too the living room and i sat back down with Brooke and gave her a kiss.

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