My dads who's manager??

Brooke is just a normal teeneage apart from her dad is a manager, he gets new people every few years, so brooke is pretty used to meeting famous people but what happens when she has to leave the country her friends and her whole life behind...
This is mostly in Brooke's pov


11. I got accepted as suger girl!

*Brooke pov*

We were just sitting in the front room when my phone rang. (Phone call M-me C-Caller)


C-Hello this is sugar model magazine is this Miss Dunn?

M-Oh hello yes Miss Dunn speaking

C-We would like to inform you we loved your application and you have been accepted for the modelling job. We need you in the studio in California as soon as possible.

M- Well fortunately I'm In California now, I could come down tomorrow morning and start.

C-Yes that would be amazing Miss Dunn also you will be are sugar girl.

M- Oh my thank you so much I will be there tomorrow

C-Yes thank you Miss see you at the HQ on 125th street at 9am sharp goodbye.

I hung up and started screaming "OH MY GOD!!!" I was nearly in tears it has been my dream to be a model or a singer and now Im Modelling. "Urm you ok??" Louis asked with a confused expersion. I nodded and replied "Urm ive got to call some people" I called my mum, Sarah, Jamie, Lucy and Cher to tell them the news. "Guys I think we should do something to celebrate me getting accepted as model and the main sugar girl" I smile they all stood up and congratulated me. But all accepted the offer and we went to get dressed for the night.

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