My dads who's manager??

Brooke is just a normal teeneage apart from her dad is a manager, he gets new people every few years, so brooke is pretty used to meeting famous people but what happens when she has to leave the country her friends and her whole life behind...
This is mostly in Brooke's pov


10. I get first pick!

*Niall pov*

The boys were so lucky they had someone to cuddle and call there own. Louis had Eleanor, Zayn had Perrie and Liam had Danielle. I know Harry didn't have a girlfriend but he was close to Brooke and I can see them getting together. We were now having an hout drive to the Hotel we were staying in. "Niall are you ok you look deep on thought?" Zayn asked I just nodded and looked out of the window. We were finally at the hotel and we all got our bags out and took them inside. "Right guys you all have the penthouse ok, we as management and security are trusting you as we are staying in normal rooms. Also you all have to share rooms, two to a room you can choose who ok here are your keys you need them to get the lift to your room now off you go." John said (John is brookes dad). And we were all off up in the lift. "NIALL im with you bro." Liam said on the way up. "Louis ill be with you ya little sas master." Zayn laughed he knew what he was doing "Guess that leave Hazza and Brooke together" I said stating the obvious. "Guys seen as I'm I girl I get first pick of room. no if's or but's!" Wow she is feisty.

*Brooke pov*

I walked in and ran to the room and got the biggest one with the biggest en-suite aswell. It had one big king size bed so me and Harry would have to share. "OK THIS IS OUR ROOM HARRY!" I shouted to them, and with that I pulled my suitcase into the room and laid on the bed.


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